Heroes Season 2

Next week marks the beginning of Season 2 of Heroes. This thread is for discussion and thoughts about the new season. I seriously hope Sylar stays dead. I HATE it when villains are brought back from the dead.

Has Sylar “ingested” any “resurrection” powers? I remember that one scientist doing tests on him saying he was, in fact, dead. Then (of course) sinister Sylar opened his eyes. Can he not die?

Also, does Bennet (HRG) have any powers?

I don’t think he was ever really dead. I think he is going to be back but i want to know what bad guy was scaring the little girl who could track all the different people.

I can’t wait for the season to start up again!!

Right, they showed in last season’s finale that Sylar apparently survived, when we saw the streak of blood leading to the manhole cover. I think he does have some kind of ability to come back from near death at least. It has something to do with the cockroach that always comes up around him.

Yes, the new villian sounds very scary. I can hardly wait either!

I loved the finale until NO ONE bothered to keep an eye on Sylar’s body, or even noticed it was gone :rolleyes:

Geez people - you’ve been trying to defeat this super crazy, awesomely powerful baddie all season and you don’t check to make sure he’s dead, PLUS let his body disappear? Asking for trouble!

I don’t think he’s dead, unfortunately. Neither are Peter or Nathan (Peter has Claire’s power, Nathan could have dropped him in the upper atmosphere and flown off, Peter explodes and heals over the summer break :thumbsup: What I can’t understand is how D.L managed to sneak up behind Linderman. Wasn’t Linderman looking right at him the whole time?

Hiro & Ando are my favorites, then Peter and Nathan…I’m hoping the 348 new cast members don’t make things too tight for good storylines.

You know, Hiro had no way of knowing that Sylar was a cockroach. However, Bennet knew that Sylar had “died” before and lived to tell about it. Why didn’t he say, “Hey Hiro, while you’re standing there with that sword and all, why don’t you lop off his head and chop him up into little bitty pieces!”

I think that Molly’s description of the “really bad” guy that she can’t even think about was kinda creepy.

Also, couldn’t someone have just knocked Peter out? Didn’t that work before?

What … cockroach … ??? Man, I hate it when I miss things that other people catch! Was that in the regular season? Did they slip something new in the summer reruns? Was it only on the graphic novel, or the website, or… I declare, it’s getting to be too much work to keep up with a TV show anymore! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I read an interview with the actor who plays Sylar. He’ll be back all right, but the big news is, he’s also been cast as … Spock! In a new Star Trek movie that goes back to the Kirk-Spock-McCoy era of the Old Series. Apparently he and Leonard Nimoy (who will also appear in the movie) hit it off quite well.

Yeah, I have hopes for Peter and Nathan both surviving. Nathan didn’t need to stick with Peter the whole time, he could have zoomed clear before the explosion, it looks like Ted isn’t harmed by his own emissions (as in the Bennet house (great scene with Claire surviving that)), and Peter has Claire’s healing and Nathan’s flying powers under control, so like I said… I have hopes.

T-3 days and counting!


Did any of you guys see the new trailer for season 2 up on Youtube?


Looks like Sylar is still alive and well on a beach somewhere. :confused:

Not a literal cockroach. Did you notice that when he was “dead” earlier in the series, there was a roach next to him? Also, there was a roach on the manhole cover in the finale. I think it’s supposed to point out that it is difficult to kill Sylar the way it is difficult to kill a roach.

Note to Hiro…Next time you are standing near a presumed dead Sylar and you have a big sharp sword in your hand, lop off his head and get Peter to nuke it, then cut up his body into little bitty pieces.

I got addicted to this show two weeks ago after seeing one episode and then went out and bought season one on DVD.

Anyone else catch the season premier tonight?

so where is everyone? The season premear was like 12 hours ago!

I thought it was pretty cool. who do ya’ll think killed Hiro’s dad? My husband thinks it was claud, the invisable guy. I think maybe Mrs. Petrelli did it. Not sure about that, though. I don’t like her.

Also, I think clair’s new “boyfriend”, West, is working for the “company”.

What I want to know is what happened to Officer Parkmen’s wife. he said he got divorced. I thought they made up and she was having his baby? what happened there? did I miss something?

anyway, I look forward to seeing what other folks have to say.

I’ll bite.

I do not think it was Angela Petrelli that killed Hiro’s dad. She got the same disturbing mark on her photo so she’s doomed also.

I am not sure what to think about Clair’s new friend - but he does float and fly. hmmmm I also felt he was provoking her so he did know she had powers.

I also thought it odd that Parkman’s wife vanished after 4 months. It was a storyline they did not want to pursue I guess.

Interesting show last night. It did not disappoint.

I think Syler killed Hiro’s father. Just a guess. I’m also wondering if Linderman is really dead, or if that’s the person the little girl says can see her when she thinks about him. Just a thought. If Linderman could make things grow and heal things, couldn’t he heal himself? Or, maybe I’ve got that wrong.

I also think that what Claire’s father did at his job was funny. His boss was so annoying. I think it shows that he and Claire are getting really tired of “hiding” their true selves and are about ready to burst. I always liked Noah, though. He and Hiro are my favorite characters.

And what’s up with Mexican girl? Does she accidentally kill people when she gets scared or threatened in some way?

And Hiro! Finding out his hero is a white, drunken Englishman. :rotfl: Didn’t see that coming, did we?

Scout :tiphat:

Loved that

I’m also wondering if Linderman is really dead, or if that’s the person the little girl says can see her when she thinks about him.

Same here.

I think in the previews you can see Noah punching some guy that looks exactly like Mr. Linderman.

As for the big bad ‘bogeyman’ that Molly sees in her dream, they revealed who it was in the spoilers online (hint: it ain’t Lenderman, it’s a character’s father:D ).

I don’t want to know but could it be sylar’s dad? that would be an interesting story line. That what i love about Heroes. it always keeps you guessing. I was watching it with a friend last night and i couldn’t explain the story lines fast enough.

I think the dectives wife could be brought back in later because maybe he is trying to protector her from others

She’s got the ability to fry peoples’ brains (not a new concept):

“Two by two, hands of blue” from the Firefly series.
Those government guys had a device that would do what this
girl does…fries the brains right in the person’s skull.


Apparently Maya doesn’t know how to control her power and it probably happens when she’s frightened.

Overall, I found the opening too busy. Too many characters for one hour. They should have gone for a 2 hour opening if they wanted to do the characters justice. This attempt felt too rushed and left us with more questions than allowing us to settle in for the next ride.

It seems Hiro messed up by saving that dupe. I have to say I was greatly disappointed with that plot development. Hiro has had his powers enough to know each move messes with the time continuum. Just by interfering with those arrows he messed with the present.

Speaking of that interference, the other part of that which annoyed me to no end was how the dupe with the horse was transported because Hiro’s hand was on the horse at the time (no news there), but somehow the “real” guy hitched along for the ride, coming out from behind a tree???

When the writers do things like that with loyal fans jumping in for round 2, it’s dangerous. I’m a little concerned about what this means for the series this year.

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