Heroin a growing threat across USA, police say

WASHINGTON — Heroin and other opiate addiction is now claiming more lives in many communities than violent crime and car crashes, say America’s top law enforcement officials who gathered here Wednesday to discuss the increasing devastation caused by the drug.

From Burlington, Vt., and New York to Philadelphia and Knoxville, local and federal officials said the surge, especially in heroin’s availability and purity, is having stunningly lethal consequences. It’s also cheaper than prescription opiods, costing from about $4 a bag in some places to $20 in others, making it an attractive drug of choice.

In New York City, the 730 drug overdose fatalities in 2012 — with half of those estimated to be related to heroin and prescription opiates — were nearly double the number of homicides.


Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away I believe in New York from a heroin overdose, this and a few other stories have revealed this indeed, to be a real problem. A lot of people are being effected.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Praying for those affected by all forms of drug addiction & their families.

Now that we’ve all been told that marijuana isn’t an issue and it is being decriminalized in various states around the country (thanks, Maryland, for being part of that distinction), we can focus on drugs that ‘really’ cause problems, like heroin and cocaine. Until, of course, the argument is made that they aren’t really that different than marijuana, and then it will be a good thing they are legalized because it will stop people from having to buy imitation or low-quality stuff that could kill them…

there is something seriously wrong with Western Society, not just the USA, when so many people want to abdicate mentally from what many find too painful to bear.
Whether this is a lack of spirituality of hope, or a discordance between the rich and the poor, or an inherent discord between our very nature and the way we live in concrete and metal, I do not know. However poverty is found more in third world countries which do not have the level of drug abuse.
Perhaps we have relied on legal drugs to change our mental state for too long. Tobacco and alcohol come readily to mind.
But the legalization of cannabis dos not speak well of our resolve to fight this scourge.

When you do not have the Body and Blood of Christ in you; you will try and fill that void with anything but will find no comfort.

Here is a story from a nearby community to us:


That argument has been made for many decades. What possible harm does legal heroin pose, outside of addiction? All of the negatives associated with heroin is due to its unregulated, and illegal status. If heroin was sold in precise doses, and at market prices (as opposed to black market prices) then there would be little crime or death associated with it. At least no more than any other legal drug, such as alcohol or nicotine.

I do not agree with that viewpoint, but it has been a libertarian argument made for at least 40 years.

All drug addiction is a medical disease, and needs to be treated as such, its time to stop dealing with it using law enforcement!!! How many other diseases are treated by arresting the person and throwing them in jail? None that I know of.

Police need to back off and when they come upon someone using this drug, they need to contact an ambulance and let them take it from there, no police involvement needed.

Besides that aspect, law enforcement learned very quickly that alcohol prohibition did not work and was not enforceable, its strange to know in modern times, law enforcement seems too dumb or ignorant to recognize their efforts are not working and never have…why is it taking them so long to recognize drug prohibition does not work when they realized alcohol prohibition didnt work quickly?..whats the difference?

That is a pipe dream. Addiction makes people do stupid things. Unless you’re giving it away for free, people will steal or prostitute themselves to get a fix. The only thing that making drugs like heroine legal will do is ruin more lives.


The person in charge of the prison in my area has come out publicly in favor of legalizing all drugs.

Yes, he still has his job. It is a liberal opinion but a popular one.

Amen to that!

There is no solution. Criminalization, decriminalization, forced commit, or liberty, nothing will work. Addiction is strong. No one can be made to quit. I guess I don’t understand the waste on all the incarceration since it too is accomplishing nothing.

Colarado has legalised marijuana, yet the black market for marijuana is alive and since the legalisation, devastating crime has been associated with the black market and marijuana in Colorado. If the black market hasn’t ended by legalising marijuana, why would it for heroin or any other illegal drug? People can point to various reasons why they think the black market continues.

Source for story on black market: usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/04/04/colo-pot-black-market/7292263

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