Hesitant to receive Communion; can you help?

I mentioned in an earlier post/question that I was a returning Catholic and was seeking advice about going to confession after not attending for ~30 years. I received great advice and information which I am grateful for.
My new question pertains to receiving communion after confession. I did my examination of conscience and I did go to confession this past Tuesday. I did my penance that same night, and I am going to Mass on Sunday.
My dilemma is that I still do not feel worthy enough to receive and fear that if I do I will be committing another sin. Is this a normal feeling and if so, how would I overcome this problem?
I was told that when I did confess I would feel a great weight lifted off my chest. I cannot say that I did. I felt better, but not happy or relieved. Which also makes me wonder if I did something wrong.
I can’t receive communion until I figure this out. I want to, but can’t.
Thank you in advance.

Dear friend,

We don’t make ourselves worthy to receive the Lord in Holy Communion; HE does! Do you think that He can’t make you worthy? Get over your fear and behold His great love for you. Or was His death for you not enough proof of His love ? Sometimes people who have been away for a while, develop scruples when they finally come back, going from one extreme to another. He made you worthy to die for. Recognize that you are that valuable! Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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