Heterosexual couple challenge civil partnerships ban


A heterosexual couple have begun a legal fight at the High Court against the ban on members of the opposite sex entering into civil partnerships.
Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld, from London, say their case is a “basic issue of discrimination and equality”.
Miss Steinfeld said they want to commit to each other in a civil partnership as it “focuses on equality”.



There’s no reason why they should not be allowed to do so. As SS people may now marry, or obtain a civil partnership, then heteros have a right to do the same.

What a can of worms. They could in addition stop civil partnerships altogether,as SS persons may now ‘marry’.


This is what happens when government picks winners and losers.


Not seeing what the need to have civil partnerships for Hetrosexual or Homosexual couples is now seeing as everyone can marry at least in the US and most of the UK. Civil Partnerships/Domestic Partnerships were in essence a legal creation to approximate marriage for same sex couples in the absence of marriage in some jurisdictions. But the reasons behind their creation no longer exist.


Me neither, although the Dutch offer 3 arrangements for heterosexuals; Marriage, registered partnership (legally equivalent to marriage) and a cohabitation agreement. :rolleyes:



Interesting. I was recently doing a review for my company of state laws to make sure our handbook was up-to-date. At least two of the states have laws giving legal protections of one kind of another to employees in civil partnerships but ONLY same-sex ones. I am really surprised that no one has sued yet since SS"M" has been legal for over half a year now. :shrug:


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