Hewlett-Packard support worldwide abortion

I just found out that Hewlett-Packard are granting $8.3 million to support worldwide abortion.

It would be great if all of us could write them a letter saying we will no longer buy their products until they stop financing Planned Parent Hood.

I wrote a short letter on my blog if you want to copy it.

I was in the market for a nice enterprise printer/copier couple months ago. I looked at a bunch of brands. I’m glad, I didn’t pick HP. I got myself a Brother’s MFC-9840CDW instead. That thing is so versatile.

I bought a HP several years ago but was disappointed with it because the ink cartridges were too small and you couldn’t refill them. I’ve a got a Cannon now.

Oh no, I bought a laptop made by them a month or two ago. Oops.

No more HP for me. I have a Dell computer but HP printer, so when I replace it I won’t get an HP.

Goodby HP

Please provide some evidence that

(1) they donate to Planned Parenthood


(2) their donations are earmarked for funding abortions so as to exclude their being used for Planned Parenthood’s sex education projects for example.

U.S. taxpayers all “finance Planned Parenthood” today. But the funds are not earmarked for funding abortions (in fact I believe they are specifically earmarked to exclude that). By your logic the U.S. under the outgoing administration was in support of worldwide abortion.

There are literally hundreds of companies that are tangentially related to abortion. Are you going to boycott all of them? Start here (this may be out of date and may be inaccurate)


(apparently Microsoft is on the list … so I guess that means you’ll have to swith to Apple for your computer or use Linux)



Both those links specifically refer to abortion.

I corresponded electronically with HP about this and they claim that these organizations are not part of the company. However that is not acceptable because apparently the Hewlett and Packard families are major stock holders in HP.

So I think if HP does well these organizations still benefit. Plus is there much doubt that these organizations want HP to do well and would not be affected by the statement we make by boycotting?

I am very happy to see this thread. We Catholics need to band together and live our faith by avoiding (within reason) supporting organizations that support abortion.

I bought a Dell. Currently, my favorite brands are Gateway and Dell. Apple supports abortion and Microsoft may also be involved. So my strategy with Microsoft is to use the OS and development tools but not purchase any other software such as Microsoft Office etc. In fact I am interested in creating my own development tools so perhaps I won’t need to buy those anymore.

Ever wonder why these companies including Microsoft are investing in population control? Is it because families with fewer children have more money to spend on computers and software!!??

Mark 8:36: What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?usccb.org/nab/bible/mark/mark8.htm

Wait, you are going to punish HP for what some individual stockholders do in their private lives with their own money?

If you go by that logic, EVERY SINGLE publically traded company in the world would have to be boycotted. Or is it only stock holders that have a certain equity share in the stock that would trigger your boycott? But what if it was not an individual stockholder but a whole bunch of individual stockholders who together passed your arbitrary threshold for equity share that would trigger a boycott?

I knew that there was more to this than the false title of the OP. There’s just no way that HP would do something so controversial as “support worldwide abortion.”

BTW, you may now want to make sure you don’t do any business with companies who have Warren Buffet or George Soros as large shareholders. Or for that matter Saudi princes (ex. Citigroup). I’m sure that some of these people do some things with their money you consider wrong as well.

… maybe you should boycott the U.S. federal government while you are at it, since much of U.S. debt is owned by China which we know has abusive abortion policies and other human rights abuses.

Do you have a financial interest in or relationship with HP?

The stockholders benefit from HPs success. So the money goes to support abortion.

Plus as I point out the population control may be aimed at allowing families to buy more HP computers. It seems plausible that they’re in cohoots.

Absolutely, boycott HP! These organizations fund the killing of unborn children. Perhaps they can wake up and repent before it is too late in case they are in danger of not having salvation.

I avoid Geico.

I think the important things is to let them know they are being boycotted and why.

Maybe you are not realizing that HP has no control over what any of their individual shareholders do with their own money. If a shareholders sells HP stock, HP has no authority to tell that person what to do with the capital gains (if any). Likewise if HP issues a stock dividend, HP has no authority to tell the recipient of that dividend how to spend that dividend.

So your boycott wouldn’t even work. Publically traded companies are not allowed to discriminate in terms of their common stock. Even in terms of preferred shares, I think it is doubtful that they would be able to discriminate and sell preferred shares only to pro-life buyers. Regardless, they can’t attach strings to capital gains from selling stock or from dividends.

If you are that concerned about some shareholder’s dividends from a successful company, then the thing to do would be to buy more and more HP stock, driving up its price too an articificially high point making it attractive for those shareholders to sell. Of course then they would have capital gains.

Even if your boycott worked in lowering the value of HP stock, that would just mean that shareholder you targetted would choose in the future to invest in some other company. In the end, the relative value of stocks would not change and aside from the erratic nature of boycotts, in theory there would be no market effect, even if each boycott were successful.

Major shareholders are akin to owners of the company and have a close vested interest. It is simple cause and effect. Supporting HP ends up supporting abortionists. If it was a minor shareholder your point might have some merit.

(You didn’t answer the question. Do you have a financial interest in or other relationship with HP?)

First of all ALL of the shareholders are legally owners of the company without exception. That’s why when a company goes bankrupt, the shareholders get screwed over or even virtually wiped out and the creditors are taken care of first.

Your logic on this one is just faulty. A company has zero control over what a shareholder does in his private life, including what he does with capital gains from selling stock or from dividends. What do you expect HP to do? Stipulate that shares can only be sold to pro-life individuals? Ask shareholders or would be shareholders to sign a contract that no capital gains or dividend can be used for anti-life causes? That’s not possible. There’s no legal framework which would allow that. You are trying to achieve the literally impossible.

Your logic would have a measly degree of merit if the shareholder in question had a controlling share of the company – but in that case you would be targetting not the company only but the shareholder himself. The corporation can’t dictate to any shareholder – even a shareholder with a controlling share – what he does with his own money – only the shareholder himself as a private individual can choose that. There’s no legal or financial mechanism that is going to work here. And besides, none of the shareholders you mention have a controlling share in the corporation – and even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to use that controlling share to enact a policy that wouldn’t be enforceable.

I don’t know what would make you think such were possible. This kind of stuff just plays into bad stereotypes people have of religious people as uneducated persons who are not “wordly”…

(You didn’t answer the question. Do you have a financial interest in or other relationship with HP?)

Excuse me but that is none of your business. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Would you ask this of someone you just met in “real life”? Maybe you would care to detail your own financial relationships and interests. Spell out your whole portfolio and your company’s business relationships. Right.

P.S. I think you are confusing whether shareholders have influence over the corporation – they do – versus whether corporations have influence over how shareholders spend their own individual money, including dividents and capital gains from selling stock – they don’t. The only kind of influence they have is in terms of restrictive terms on when certain individuals can sell stock … and certain financial instruments that can be … well it’s complicated but they have no control over what happens to a shareholder’s money once it is in his or her bank account under his or her own name. If you don’t understand this … the U.S. is in more trouble than I thought.

True in general, but if you are biased then we have a right to consider this in evaluating your posts.

As of 2001, the Hewlett and Packard families combined owned 18% of HP stock. I don’t know what the number is today. If the number today is similar then I accept that this is less direct than if HP itself were funding these immoral activities. In that case I would also admit that the need to boycott is not as weighty. Still I would go with a company that has less connection to these activities.

Um no you don’t. I am under no obligation to tell you anything about my private life. You have a right to consider my reticence anyway you see fit and make any conclusions any way you see fit. You do not have a right however to demand that I disclose any of the financial information you have now twice previously asked of me.

Also, once I decline to answer a personal question, it is polite to not ask me again.

Yes, you are right.

Remember the good ol’ days, when you’d boycott a brand because their product was total ****?

That’s why I’m boycotting HP. Thing is made of pure concentrated fail.

I like my HP printer. I’m not getting rid of it and, no, that doesn’t mean I support abortion.

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