As far I know, in the Book of revelation, there’s a certain thing related to some specific number made of the number between 5 and 7 repeated thrice in the same number that people are told to avoid, at ALL, like COMPLETELY, because such a thing could be an ultimate doom.

It’s, as far I know, a warning, and then from that you get the thing written in the title, the fear for that number and stuff that could have something related to it (I don’t wanna mention which is it tho, I’m kinda not want).

However, I would like to ask, considering the biblical scriptures, are people supposed to actually have such a phobia to avoid that? As in, is people supposed to avoid ALL things that might have something to do with that number such as URLs, serial numbers, some sort of mathematical calculation, etc? or what would that actually mean?
In the case of the phobia, does anyone else know about it? How weird is it?


The Church does not state that.

For example, the hymns that we sing at mass are ordered from 1-800 or something. There is a hymn #666. We sang it last Sunday. If the Church directly taught against ALL affiliation with that number, we would skip over it. Just like many places don’t have a floor or room #13, it would not be too difficult to go straight from hymn #665 to hymn #667.

So if the Church does not teach that you must avoid it in all circumstances, then it is not necessary to do so. There you go.


Rest assured, the number 666 has no power in itself. It may represent certain symbolic meanings, but the number itself is not dangerous. It is actually a form of superstition to believe the number has power it does not.


Is there a number you have, which is your number, your mark, assigned to you by a worldly power, without which you can neither buy nor sell?
Let’s see…
If I want to buy, I need money. If I want money I need a job. If I want a job I must show the prospective employer my number or the worldly power will not permit him to hire me.
And without that job I will not have money and will not be able to buy.
If I want to sell, what do I have to sell (to get money)? I have my Labor, my time, and my skills. But if I do not give the number assigned to me, I cannot sell my Labor, my Time, my Skills.

What number do you have, and given this number by what worldly power? Many people have it on their forehead (i.e., memorized to say it when asked what it is). And anyone seeking job has it on their hand, (i.e., on a card to show the employer).
Anyone start a new job recently that can tell us what number this is?

John Martin


Wikipedia wrote about this phobia.



Or, maybe it does and maybe we just dont yet understand it?

Have to remember not that long ago, our top experts also thought radium was a good cure all for anything, of course today we know they were quite wrong, so it only goes that in the future, things we believe to be so accurate are in fact, very wrong, and possibly dangerous.

This is especially true regarding quantum physics, we dont really understand this too well currently, so it is likely we are making some huge mistakes until we do understand it, this also goes for some physics that we know literally nothing about yet, things that will be discovered in the future. I only assume people 50-100 yrs from now will be looking back at those goofy people in 2014 and the crazy things they believed in and were doing!

Main point, there is no way to know for certain something does not hold power, or some ability. Mathematics can be a strange bird, especially concerning the quantum side of things…!!!


The Church teaches that it is superstitious to give the number power it does not have. The number 666 has nothing to do with science, but numerology.

I don’t care if someone discovers that there are 10[sup]666[/sup] particles of quark X. It doesn’t matter. The number may have meaning, but it has no power itself.


My old cell phone number started with 666. When I got a new phone, I had to get another number. Nothing bad happened.


Absolutely wrong. It is superstition to say a number has a power and that is a sin of grave matter against the first commandment.


Would it be a sin to avoid the number though? For example, as in a previous example, if I was going to be given a phone # starting with 666, and I asked for it to be changed by the phone company as a result, would that be a sin?


It is somewhat of a difficult question. Yes and no.

If you asked for the number to be changed because you feared the number, or thought bad luck would accrue from having it, yes, that would be a sin of superstition.

On the other hand, if you asked for it to be changed because you knew that anyone who called you might be frightened by the number out of their own superstition, and you wished to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with that, it would probably be fine.

The key lies in this: the number itself has NO POWER WHATSOEVER. None. Zip. Zero. Ziltch. I don’t think I can emphasize this enough.

Therefore, attributing power to it which it does not have is superstition. As long as you avoid that mistake, you are fine.


Wait, it’s actually considered bad to be afraid of it?
Not sure how it’d be against the first commandment tho, I mean, since the fear would kinda be of doing something that might specifically REALLY get one in trouble as far one might think the bible says.

Nor am I sure anyways, I mean, people could be scared kinda from a biblical standpoint, it kinda scared me so bad (I’m still trying to get over it, but it’s kinda hard …) that, like, even a passing glance on a mirror and a temporal incorrect look at something of mine, which could sometimes include self, and if I barely seen a little thing similar to that or something that made me imagine of something similar was kinda enough like to make me want to scratch until whatever made it look like that went away.
I mean, in this case, considering it’s pretty much a “moral event horizon” that the bible even said would pretty much doom someone, could someone really consider it on par to the other kind of stuff that fits as “numerology”?


Sorry for taking a while and responding kinda like this but… Augh… The thing is still kinda haunting me to an extent, kinda trying to recover from the fear to that thing, but there’s some doubts.

So, does it mean the number itself is not a threat or a dangerous symbol at ALL? ignoring it is not accepting anything?

Seen that thing somewhere and unfortunately that made me freak out enough to want to erase it.
I’m scared because right before clearing it, I might have have a “false mental itch” or something like that kinda close to one of the places the bible said that it could be the doom of someone, and I’m worried that even tho my freak out was mostly attempting to drive it away, that it could be part of the process that dooms someone (or rather, that it would be worship in some way).

Or for short, I would like to ask, would actually be scared of that thing be a sin if someone is afraid of something the bible says is not forgiven rather than “bad luck” or something like that? or would actually having been scared be dooming someone like that?


I did not completely understand your point, but well, the stuff is this, being scared of sin, is not a sin. in fact let me tell you this, being scared, just like any other feeling is not sinful, the sinful part would be to fuel them or conciously believing it is what is sinful.

but let’s get back to the number and symbols, they don’t posses any power, nor the good ones, like crosses, etc, not the evil ones. the power is given to them by either God or demons, by the way they are used, this means that if someone draws a cross it will not be blessed just by being a cross, the same applies to the evil ones.

also i think i understand how you feel, like between the sword and wall, for one side you have the fear of being supersticious, on the other you fear the evil consecuences if it truly has some power. but i suggest you relax and take our word on this. there is nothing wrong with the number per se, it is the use people would give it, so if you are just counting or something like that, dont fear it.


Feeling scared is not a sin. But willfully holding the belief that leads to that particular feeling of fear could be a sin.


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