Hey 24 Fans,Check This Out!

You can watch the trailer of season 7 of 24 which starts January 13th @ 8:00! Check it out at: www.24trailer.com . All I can say is OMYGOSH!:eek: :extrahappy: Looks like another great season:bounce: !!

Looks like Tony is back!!!

I’m looking forward to this season but hope I can stand Janine Garofolos performance:(

Yuck! I don’t want to see Tony Almeda as a bad guy.
The threat to security looks interesting though.

Me too:cool: . I could be wrong, but I’m picturing her as a pain in the neck for Jack :wink: .

I know what you mean! Well maybe they will kill him off again, then he can come back as the “good Tony!”:whacky:

I didn’t watch the trailer, but I said LONG ago that Tony was not dead…but , oh my, why a BAD guy??:confused:


Don’t worry, I’m sure Tony only starts out as a bad guy. Then half way through the season we’ll find out he was just working under deep cover at the request of the President! :smiley:

I like that scenario!:yup:

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