Hey everyone... paranoid again lol

Ayo waddup, heres another thing thats been bothering me so much lol. If any of you guys are annoyed with me please do tell me.

I opened this game I played a long time ago for the first time in forever and I got impatient for the screen to open so I decided to close it and uninstall. But when I was deciding whether to close it or not, I remembered how there was a glitch that stopped a characters pregnancy that happened if you closed the game for some people (this was not at all put in on purpose at all, as this game was meant to create a characters legacy and family). Idk I just got paranoid and immediatly linked that if I closed the game it would be tied with abortion. I kept telling myself that thought was stupid and that my character wasnt even pregnant and that its just a game and that they already had two children, and last time a played she was just cooking. So I decided to close it, but I still felt pretty bad, because I still did it, despite thinking of the stuff that could happen, even though its a stupid game and my character wasnt pregnant, and now here I am, being overly paranoid about a game. So yea… i should really stop playing family games, because I immediatly think that when a character sins, it counts as one for me. Also before you guys tell me to see a priest, I see one every Saturday(Not Confession, just for scrups), and I just need this so I can get a good sleep without it haunting me lol. I just wanted to continue my characters family but oof. But anyways, what do you guys think? Should I be paranoid, or should I should just let it go and delete all my legacy games?

We can’t help you to deal with your scruples here at CAF. You need to wait and talk to your Priest.

You need to speak to your parents as well, if they don’t know you’re struggling. Offline advice from random strangers won’t help you. Talking to those who know you and who are trained to help you is how to deal with scrupulosity.


You are scrupulous and really need the guidance of your pastor.


You are thirteen. This conversation, especially the last paragraph is entirely inappropriate. Speak to your parents.


Listen to your parents. Don’t come on CAF if you’re struggling “in the mean time” - don’t use here as a substitute for proper help.

Seriously, the fact your parents know and you’re still coming here for answers shows the problem with scruples and online forums. It’s a bad place to be if you struggle.

Wait to see your Priest. We cannot help you.

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You should NOT be discussing things of the nature of the last paragraph with adult strangers on the internet. Stranger danger.

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@LateranBasilica @Lou2U @DeniseNY Okay everyone…z thank you for your answers. Ive decided to delete my account to prevent myself from coming back and fueling my scrups, but do any of you happen to know how??? And ive came to the conclusion I was just being overly guilty about knowing the possibility, and that I dont think its a sin because I knew it was impossible.

You can’t Delete your account. Please talk with your parents and get help.

Ahh darn it

You can PM a mod to see what they recommend.

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