Hey is it stealing to watch anima from online sites

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I was wondering is it considerd stealing to watch anima from sites on the internet,

What i mean by watch is to view on a site that does not own the copy rite. Like for instance I was kind of intersted in watching lucky star. I saw it on youtube but I saw it was not from it orginal creater or from a company that may have the rights to it. Is this stealing.
I have watched series on youtube before but general the person who ethier made it or the company i know has the right to it posts it. Like watching Like (for instance) I have watched x men evolution on you tube beacuse marvel ( the company that holds the copy rite has put it up.

I would really dont want to do anything that would fall into the lines of stealings so any help would be appraited

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This thread discusses a really similar issue. I don’t know so much about it myself, just a messenger :smiley:

It depends on the availability of the anime. I watch a good deal of my anime online and read a lot of my manga on several scanlation sites because licensed copies don’t exist here. If I were born Japanese and living in Japan I’d of course buy the original DVD because not only could I just walk take a trip to Akiba to buy them, they’re also soooo worth the value (what with the extra content and other knick knacks that come with collecting them X3). A similar scenario is possible in the U.S. where dubbed releases are getting popular.

With regards to the latter though, I still have a lot of reservations. The Lucky Star dub really leaves a lot to be desired. They screwed up Patty’s voice really bad for one thing. (Her English voice is so bloody high-pitched, I can’t stand it! DX).

I personally dont mind the voices. I have heard that is acutly one of the better dubs.
however i am not that picky

I would say yes it is stealing. I’ve tried watching Wolf’s Rain on youtube before and from what I learned Bandai has requested numerous times for something to be done about so their shows would stop being hosted illegally. Perhaps not just youtube but anywhere else have they made requests.

They Bible says to respect man’s law unless it goes against the will of God. I don’t see how watching anime on youtube is the will of God. Better to respect the copyright and not to have any guilt.

I would also mention it in confession. I have.

It’s not stealing. It may be a sin for other reasons (i.e. failure to obey the just laws of legitimate civil authority), but it’s not stealing. You aren’t even downloading anything onto your computer. You aren’t “taking” anything.

The media has really done a number on the general public with their whole anti-piracy campaign. They have most people convinced that any copyright infringement whatsoever is “stealing.” As I said before, it may be a sin for other reasons, but technically speaking, it is not stealing.

Heck even if it is stealing, it sure is the most inconvenient type since you can’t even take it out of the computer and you still need an internet connection watch it.

Unless you get yourself some YouTube Downloading software (hard and expensive enough to find those are), online viewing isn’t as practical as some might think. :\

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