Hey yall im back! and PREGNANT!


sorry I havent been around in a while. had to get rid of the internet for a while to save some money but we are up and running now! well the Lord has truly and I mean TRULY blessed us! we are expecting our first baby due November 28th! after months of trying and a devastating miscarriage we have been blessed with a Golden Pregnancy! we were on fertility drugs for just one month before we conceived and I have had such an easy pregnancy, no morning sickness at all and everything is going so well. Our baby is beautiful and healthy with a strong heartbeat and an active little personality! I am so in love with this little one already! I just wanted to stop by and say hi and share the good news! God Bless yall and give me updates on everyone!:thumbsup:



God is good! Congratulations, we’ll look forward to meeting your bundle of joy in six months or so :smiley:


Congratulations!!! Stop on over at the Pregnant Mommies thread. :smiley:



As you might remember you got me posting here and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Your story reminds me that all this time I spend promoting Church teaching is not so much hot air. Thank you! I’m going to check the pregnant Mommies thread next. I’m there too!! God bless you and your growing family. I will always cherish your story of your wonderful husband destroying your pills!! That is a sign of a real man!


Whoa! Blast from the past! Where the heck have you been?? :smiley: Congrats on the little one! I just got married three weeks ago, just so you know. No bambinos yet, but I wouldn’t mind having one soon. :wink:


Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful for you two (or three, now) ;)! :bounce:


Congrats, Tara, good to see you back!




Welcome back and congratulations!
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy remaining pregnancy!!!


well hey girl, congratulations and best wishes


Congrats and God Bless and keep you both healthy.


Wow! You have been on my mind - where IS SHE??? So, I’ve been praying for you. So happy for you.


Welcome back and CONGRATS!!! :smiley:




Welcome back-if your child is a girl you should consider naming her CAFy.


Well you two sure found SOMETHING to keep you busy during those months without the internet…gee…I wonder what that SOMETHING was…:whistle:

Congrats to you and your hubby. :clapping: You MUST show us pictures when baby gets here. :yup:

Prayers for a healthy pregnancy to term and a safe and happy delivery. :gopray2:



:smiley: Congratulations:D


congrats!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I’m so happy for you Tara! Congrats! Keep us posted on how you’re doing. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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