hey ya'll im back...and with another question


hey everybody its me your wiccan friend reborn and im back…yay!! lol, im sorry im in a very happy mood

welp as always i have to have a little subject or else not much of a thread…

some of you may know this woman as saint Bridget (sorry if i spelled it wrong) i dont know much about her, all i was told was that she was a type of healer…now this sounds alot like one of my fav. goddess

The Goddess Brighid (also called Brigit). Goddess of healing and craftsmanship,especially metalwork. also a patron of learning and poetry. in wales she is caridwen, who possesses the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration. the celts loved brighid so that they could not abandon her even when they became christians, and so made brighid a christian saint.

now like i said before a million times i dont mean to affend or insult you. but im just wanting to know if the Goddess Brighid is like your saint.Bridgit


there are at least 2 Bridget’s who are Catholic saint. Both are documented historical persons whose lives of virtue are well attested (not like some of the very early saints about whom we know almost nothing)
St. Bridget or Briggita of Sweden was a nun, mystic and spiritual director. There is an order named for her Briggitines (not sure about my spellin)

St. Bridget or Bridgid of Ireland was a contemporary or close in time to Patrick, a nun and leader in the spiritual and temporal affairs of the early Irish Church, and instrumental, like Patrick in the reform of civil law as well as church law in Ireland. She had many miracles attributed to her before and after her death.

I imagine that if there were celtic gods and goddesses, in the early days of the Christianization of Ireland their names would have been common names in the population so it would not be unusual to find members or saints of the early Irish church with those names. I am sure the origin of the legends of those gods and goddesses was much earlier in time by many centuries than that of the first Irish saints.


okay i apprecate you trying not to bite my head off or be a critic, i’ve had enough of that to be honest…and i didn’t know that there were 2 saints im sorry


good mood is good! :slight_smile: we pray for her intercession in praying to God for what we ask for.

Another well known Saint is called St. Jude. You might see some hospital named after him. Many people got physical healing for praying to St. Jude for his intercession.

You might want to read a bit on St. Jude right here:


St Bridget of Ireland

St Bridget of Sweden

St Brigid of Kilbride

St Brigid of Italy

St Brigid of Ireland

I am not sure about any of these being the Saint you are talking about. The Celts wouldn’t have made someone a Saint, when they converted from pagansim to Christianity, as Saints are decreed by the papacy.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong on this.

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