Hey Y'all - Making Introductions!


Just wanted to say hello to everyone and tell you a bit about myself…

I’m Caleb Foshee and I run the site DustBowlCatholic(dot)com. Here I try to spread our Catholic Faith in a state that is overwhelmingly Protestant and has twice as many Agnostics/Atheists than Catholics.

Feel free to follow me on social media, @DustBowlCatholic on FB & IG, where I post short videos every day except Sunday.

Also look us up on YouTube for longer videos on Catholic places and people around Oklahoma!

COMING SOON: Podcast interviews with local priests and influential Catholic laity!

I’m not selling anything, just trying to educate and provide information.

Looking forward to becoming a part of the community!!!


Well, whose gone first?:…:butterfly:


Thanks for replying first Anna! BTW, happy feast day!


Thank you, I certainly welcome you, it’s just that your thread overwhelmed me kinda like someone who comes up to you and says “Anna, my goodness haven’t seen in so long, how’s the kids…” and you have no idea who they are…I was waiting for someone else to start and I could follow their lead…I will share something with you, I was at Mass this ,morning and Father after the gospel said " I want to wish Anna a happy feast day and came over and gave me a special blessing:::innocent:that made my day…God bless you and again welcome…


That’s definitely very kind of him - sounds like you’ve got a good one!


Howdy from the next state over (at home in Arkansas / At university in Texas)! I will certainly be checking your site out in the next few days. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome Sonic!

That must be an interesting conversation - I have a good friend from Arkansas who wouldn’t be caught dead going to school in Texas! :rofl:


He’d be missing out on an extremely good Catholic University in Dallas then: https://udallas.edu/

/plugging my Alma Mater for your podcast/

Not sure if you are looking for ideas for your podcast, but you might want to check out the story of Fr. Gallagher who, along with many other frontier priests, sought to bring Catholicism to both Arkansas and Oklahoma: http://stagneschurchmena.org/Fifty%20Golden%20Years.pdf

Fr. Gallagher is one of those forgotten heroes of our Catholic heritage.


Sounds great - will definitely check him out…

Did you see my video on St Martin’s Cemetery?


I just watched it, and I thought you did a wonderful job! The story reminds me of the lost Irish colony that Fr. Gallagher established near Mena, and the forgotten Ancient Order of Hibernians Division that once existed in Fort Smith. Nobody seems to have known what happened to either, but traces of both can be seen in the stained glass windows they left behind at St. Agnes in Mena and Immaculate Conception in Ft. Smith. One day, I would love to go dig through historical records to find out more about what happened, but it will have to be after I’ve completed my studies.


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