HHS contraception mandate


one acquaintance told me that HHS contraception mandate is fair and just because not all of employees are catholics or Christians in a private office. He argued that supposing hiring a person who is actively gay is against the employers religion Can the employers religious right legally exempt him to hire the person. I think his argument rest on the premise that not all religious rights can be accommodated only the reasonable ones that do not impose a heavy burden on people of different faith or no faith at all.





The HHS mandate is a clear violation of the first amendment right to practice religious faith free from government intervention. Just because someone in an office is not Catholic doesn't mean that you have the right to violate another's right of conscience to supply them with contraception. There is a reason why the right to free speech and religious freedom is enshrined in the FIRST amendment. The government has no right or authority to decide who is and who isn't a religious organization. Your friend's argument falls short.


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