HHS Contraceptive Mandate and Religious Exemptions

Recently there have been in the news several issues about the ACA and related HHS mandates. One of the issues that has had a long history (comparatively) is that of the HHS mandate for contraceptives. As I understand it the argument against it goes like this (in the US):

  1. One’s morals cannot be compelled by the government to be violated. (1st Amendment religious freedom)

  2. The HHS Mandate violates one’s morals (contraceptive usage).

  3. To pay taxes that go to that mandate compels such violations.

4 Therefore you shouldn’t have to pay those taxes. This would also apply to private held companies as you are paying the taxes (I would disagree that this applies to public corporations, you are no longer paying taxes the company is).

How does this not apply to pacifists? Surely they should be able to not pay taxes that fund the military? The reasoning is the same. If it does apply that is a huge issue as it applies to many people and their moral beliefs. The case of paying taxes would seem to be so indirect as to not be morally responsible. As for an analogy to an employee not working for an immoral business the same could be argued for the employer.

No, that is not the argument. It has nothing to do with paying taxes.

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