HHS Mandate

I am seeking your help and advice. I am a teacher at an independent Catholic school affiliated with a diocese,

On Wednesday, we were informed that the school is going to comply with the HHS mandate via the insurance company who will provide contraception, including abortion inducing drugs, directly to the employees. In fact, we were told a card will be sent to women in our home so they can get access to contraception.

The headmaster is opposed to the mandate, but states they have little choice, and will abide by the law on a temporary basis until such time the supreme court decide one way or the other. He mentioned the recent national bioethical center document stating that such cooperation is mediate material cooperation but licit. ncbcenter.org/document.doc?id=585

The same document says employees can sign up for the plan. My family, including a sick newborn, need health care, which can, at times, be life or death. However, I need guidance as to whether paying for my health care on a temporary basis would morally licit. If not, then I will drop my healthcare coverage immediately, and find whatever alternative I can, while offering our struggle to God. My wife and I discussed this very thing, but are seeking guidance. We will do that which is in unity with the Church.

I know that Cardinal Burke has spoken out against the mandate, and I know it is morally repugnant. I have read different perspectives from Catholic Moralists with varying positions.

Please advise, in Christ,

The National Catholic Bioethics center says that participating in the insurance plan is morally licit. While they can only offer an informed opinion, not an authoritative answer, you shouldn’t worry about personal sin in this matter. Your have an obligation is to provide care for your children; you of course also have a moral obligation to not use the features of the plan that conflict with Catholic teaching.

You should really discuss this either with the Pastor of your Parish or your Confessor.

Discussing with a confessor is not an option as that internal forum is meant to confess sins and not discuss the ins and outs of moral theology.

As for my parish priest, he knows as much as I do. Right now, Catholic Teaching is not consistent on this issue, and that is my difficulty.

I simply do not get it-a member of your health plan has to request birth control advice from the Doctor and get a prescription for BC pills -or injections or IUD-of course they can buy condoms but that would not be paid for by the Health Plan

given the faithful Catholics will not request this -they will not get any birth control of any type
SO WHAT IS THE ISSUE -adding birth control coverage to a health plan does little if anything to the premium (cost) paid by the member of the Health Plan

Is not the issue that you just feel or know that birth control is wrong and you will not give up the fight-

There is a solution-the RC dioceses should get together and start a nationwide Catholic Health Plan-you have the numbers-then you would not have to rely upon commercial plans as an intermediary

My issue is that I will be paying for a plan that will subsidize others, including my fellow faculty, to receive contraception and abortifacients.

The law, or at the least enforcement of the law, is so horrifically flawed that even a Catholic-run self insurance program would be required to cover contraceptives, despite the church’s condemnation of contraceptives as morally illicit.

The internal forum is also yes a place to seek guidance from ones confessor. Maybe not a long “discussion” of a particular issue if it is normal scheduled parish confessions…but it is yes certainly also for seeking moral guidance on a matter.

This comment here though is an aside from the topic here -and is meant as such (thus a general statement).

I believe that there is a state bit here in Kansas where the Insurance can’t “force” anyone, or any entity, to provide any type of birth control or abortion. We have a fairly large Catholic hospital here that could easily shut down if the Feds made it mandatory for them to provide this stuff. :shrug:

If you drop your employer sponsored plan and seek an independent plan, you will have done nothing to change the situation.

ALL individual insurance plans for sale on the exchanges or directly through insurance companies must comply with the ACA and that includes covering the mandatory “core” items.

So, remaining on your current plan or seeking an individual plan will not make a difference from the standpoint of paying for things you do not plan to use.

Remain on your current plan.

I would tend to trust the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s take on these types of issues. They know their stuff.

I am not going to debate you on this issue, because you arewrong I I am astounded that you claim to know as much as your Parish Priest with respect go moral theology!!! Are you a Priest? And, do you know as much as Jesus Christ in the Confessional? Or do you base your knowledge on a year of theological courses at a University?
According to Jesuit teaching, the confessional is also a place to discuss with your confessor whether or not your actions are sinfu,l and the degree to which they are or are not.

My name is Jonathan. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am strongly against the health care mandate. I may be new to the Catholic faith, but I do not and never will support something that forces employees to go against their moral and religious beliefs. We must stand up and protect their unborn from this heinous act. However I can support you and I will just tell me and I will do my best to help.

I smell a degree of clericalism. Lay people can know as much as priests or sometimes even more. I have met many knowledgable priests and others no so much. That said, my parish priest knows as much as I on this issue as it is uncharted territory, and he had to consult his bishop. For the bishops, opinions change based on the person, again there is no clear answer. I can think of many great sly theologians in the Church, so please think before you write. And yes, I am a student of theology, and I am capable of formulating an opinion on the faith.

A Priest in confession stands in the person of Christ but that does not mean he has eternal knowledge. I have previously confessed to great Priests but also others who are wishy washy on moral theology.

According to some, Spiritual direction is the place to discuss things, confession is a place to confess sins in kind and number, and the Priest judges the situation, issues a penance, and absolves, which is not contingent on the penance.

I disagree but have spoken to a few Priests. I don’t believe confession is a place to discuss moral theology and such a discussion is time consuming and not necessary of no din has been committed. I believe that is best left to Spiritual direction or a private conversation.

Correction, meant to say lay theologian not sly theologian.

I think your board is taking the easy way out.

At this point, one might explore civil disobedience.

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