HHS Protest a great success in Flint MI

Hi Family,

Today was an amazing day in Flint, MI (and all over the nation). Seeing pictures of over 1000 Catholics kneeling in Washington DC moved me to tears.

In Flint we had several hundred marchers just a sea of us moving back and forth, praying, singing, and my parish priest was one of the speakers. In a neat surprise, one of the grade school aged sons of our Educational Director made national news with his picture of him planting a tiny American flag in the ground. We are so proud of Pax and all those who stood for the Lord today.

We were singing “God Bless America” as we marched across the street to the Federal Building and the church’s bells rang and then it played God Bless America over and over. We then prayed the Our Father in unison and Hail Mary and Glory Be…it looked like rain but it held off for us.

I am so grateful to be Catholic but today was an extra special day as people from all different faiths came in unity to demand that the government allow us our religious freedom. Detroit MI had a very HUGE turnout. One priest was carrying a really large wooden plaque of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and another had a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am SO glad I went and so many came out. Anyone else go where you are? As usual the media isn’t even talking about it at all. Thanks EWTN for showing all the pictures from all over the nation.:thumbsup:

Thanks be to God,


Yep, the one in Detroit went very well as well. 1,600 or so.

Aux Bishop Byrnes and Al Kresta were the keynote speakers.

Detroit really had a strong showing. I noticed that the yellow balloons in one view looked like they formed the shape of a fish. Did they do that on purpose? What a great crowd you had!

Here in Massachusettts, we had one protest with about 25 people.

Problem is, they’ve not been following the news and the compromises that have been worked seem to fit what the Bishop Dolan initially asked for, but it seems now he’s going beyond the exemption for religious institutions and wants it for all business people who don’t want to pay for contraception or whatever bothers their conscience.

Under this logic, Jehovah’s Witness business owners could want to be exempt from paying for blood transfusions.


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