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Hello everyone! I’m Doug and am a Southern Baptist minister who is now convinced the Catholic Church is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I desire to be become a Catholic but my wife and daughter do not. What should I do as head of the home? :confused:


Hi **Doug54 **and welcome home!
If you have the time today, get a copy of Scott Hahn’s book Rome Sweet Home. You can read it over the weekend. Scott was a presbyterian minister who, like you, came into The Catholic Church before his wife.
You may also want to check with your local Diocese for a good R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program near to you.
When I had made up my mind I wanted to delve into The Church, I walked to the closest Catholic Church and talked to the priest there who walked me through the process. Everyone I came into contact with was very supportive.
You will also find a lot of support here on these forums. Ask all the questions you want . We have some very learned folks here who can explain anything and everything.
Again, welcome. God is so happy! :dancing:


Thanks! I’ve read Rome, Sweet Home and several other of his books. The nearest Catholic Church is about a 35 minute drive and I have been there a few times and spoken with the priest. Any suggestions about how to handle this with my wife and daughter?


Hi Doug,

Just pray - and love them. :slight_smile:

Have you discovered www.chnetwork.org?

It was started by Marcus Grodi, a former Presbyterian minister who offers support (including financial support to those who need it) to ministers of other faiths coming Home to the Church.

How did you come to realize the Truth? Maybe you could start another thread on your conversion story…

God bless and peace to you and your family. :slight_smile:


Only from my own experience.
My husband of 16 years is agnostic. Fortunately, for me, his love for me allowed him to support my decision which was made about 5 years ago. He has never shown any interest in my conversion but does not oppose it. The rest of my family was not and is not supportive and very antagonistic.
Remember Christ’s words in Matthew 10:34-39, and realize that many, including family members, may give great difficulty.
I will pray for you and your family.


Hey Doug, and welcome :smiley:

My advice would be to take them to mass and let them see what it’s like and how they feel about it. Have them talk to the priest as well.

I’m only 16, so I don’t know how much this will help, being a Catholic my whole life. But I’ll just throw in my two cents.

Again, welcome :tiphat:


get in touch with Marcus Grodi at EWTN who has the journey home, show, they can put you in contact with the Coming Home Network, which supports clergymen of other denominations who become Catholic, thereby of course losing their only means of supporting their families. they can help with finding employment, further education etc. so you are not dumping everything and have support in the meat and potatoes part of life, as well as the spiritual journey.


Welcome home!

I would actually also recommend the book by Jeff Cavins, “My Life on the Rock” He references Marcus Grodi AND Scott Hahn, but it is his personal story.

Jeff Cavins is from my local area, MN, and was raised Catholic, rebelled and became a Protestant pastor of many different denominations. It is about his journey of faith and you may even identify with him.

If you need the ISBN number : 0-9659228-3-9

And read the others, as well.

Above all, do not put your family above God, no matter how difficult it may seem. But don’t force their conversions…let them come to the Lord on their own. I assume that they are worshiping the Lord as Baptists, and I have known several very wonderful Baptists in my time and found them to be very Godly people. Come to Jesus in the Eucharist and consecrate your family to his Sacred Heart…as you well know, the Lord is always faithful.

Be true to God as he has always been true to you, but just give your family the same love you always have. They are on their own journeys.

God bless you and your family and welcome!


Welcome to the board and to the process of reconciliation with the Church, Doug! :smiley:

Have you heard of Steve Ray? He was a Protestant minister who became convinced of the Catholic faith before his family as well. His book is called “Crossing the Tiber”. What he did was let his family read why he had become convinced and let them make their own decision, while praying for them, of course.

If your wife and daughter didn’t have much to do with the process that brought you to this point they probably feel left out and threatened by this change in your outlook. So, let them explore it for themselves and be supportive of their efforts and their own process. Everyone comes to the faith in their own way.

You might invite the priest over for dinner just to get to know everyone without any idea of preaching to them or anything like that. Let them see what a Catholic priest is–that he is not interested in railroading them into anything. And have them go through RCIA with you. They don’t have to become Catholic at the end of it if they don’t want to, but it will help them understand your decision to do so much better, as well as dispel their fears.


welcome, doug54!!! :bounce: :blessyou: :bounce: we’re praying for you and your family!!!


Dear Doug - Welcome!! May God bless you richly as you journey closer to Him. I converted to the Cahtolic Church five years ago, and my husband was very upset. It had been a several year journey for me of reading, learning and praying. One of the things that really showed my husband how serious I was was that I prayed and fasted one day a week, asking the Lord for direction in the path I should take. I completely abstained from food on the fast days while preparing three meals a day for my husband and three small children.

The praying and fasting confirmed for me that I should enter the Catholic Church, but my husband was still unhappy about it. A friend suggested a 54 day rosary novena - 3 nine day rosary novenas asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercession for your intention (conversion of family members, etc.) then 3 nine day rosary novenas thanking the Blessed Virgin for her intercession.

The Lord has given me spiritual consolations that one day my family will be united in the holy Catholic Church, but for now, I attend mass by myself and go w/ my family to the protestant church on Sunday.

As the spiritual leader of your family, you need to do what the Lord has put on your own conscience (and God bless you for having the bravery to do so!!) If your wife is anything like my husband, there will be some real resentment at your conversion (especially since you will be loosing your job as a minister). My suggestion is fast and pray, fast and pray. . . and, as a family, seek the counsel of a Christian counsellor (obviously someone who isn’t anti-Catholic). Also, ask the intercession of the saints on behalf of your wife and daughter. St. Monica was a mighty prayer warrior on behalf of her son, who converted to Christianity and became St. Augustine. St. Francis de la Sale was a mighty counter-Reformation priest. May it comfort you to know that those who have loved and served Christ throught the ages are still praying for us and will interceed for your family.

Please let us know how you and your family are doing. Your Sister in Christ, Kate

P.S. I echo the endorsement of the Coming Home Network from earlier posts.


Welcome and Glory to Jesus Christ!

Have you looked at any of the 'Surprised By Truth" book series? These are stories about those who have come back to the Catholic Church OR like you realize by faith that the Church Christ founded is alive and still preaching the Truth.

One word of advice…I am sure there will be others here who will learn about your conversion and may try to convince you back. Remember there are many of us here who will come to your aid in love and charity. Just PM someone and I am sure help will be there for you.

I came back to the Byzantine Rite 3 years ago and my spiritual life gained a great boost. The sacraments are Real because Christ instituted them. Jesus wouldn’t give us anything that wouldn’t help us, would He?


Hi Doug,
Welcome home!!! I will remember you and yours in my prayers. At times it seems so difficult to choose between what we know is right and what our family thinks is best for them. I know you will pray and ask God’s counsel in this but please remember that God comes first and when you put God first everything will eventually fall into place. I really feel for you and your family, I know it is really tough, but the rewards…well they are priceless!!! Your family will come around, truly they will. It won’t be easy though especially coming from the Southern Baptist background, but neither is it impossible. I admire your courage and conviction.

Again…Welcome Home!!!


There is a member on these forums who is a former Baptist. Search his name in the members list and send him an e-mail. His username is Katholikos.

Have you checked out www.chnetwork.org yet?



I converted before my wife and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in my marriage. You are not alone there are many, many people who have dealt with what you are dealing with. Some to a greater or lesser degree, but we are here for you.

I am not sure of your wife’s position or opinion of the Catholic Church, but there is a lot of uncertainty that she must be feeling. As a husband you are supposed to be the head of the household, so it must be difficult for her. I would share as much as you can, communicate as much as you can with her and show her you are the same man. I am sure the Coming Home Network can help you, and we will pray for you.

I would try watching the Journey Home with your wife, if you would like some tapes,(if you can’t get EWTN) I will send you some. This helped my wife realize that there was a possibility of the Catholic Church being ok. There is a kids version of the Coming Home Network, this depends on your daughters age if she is active on the internet or not.

God Bless


[quote=Doug54]Hello everyone! I’m Doug and am a Southern Baptist minister who is now convinced the Catholic Church is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I desire to be become a Catholic but my wife and daughter do not. What should I do as head of the home? :confused:

Prayer ascending – and YES! Coming Home Network. Many people in your position suffer a great deal with this. Others have mentioned Rome Sweet Home – Scott and Kimberly Hahn nearly divorced when he converted. It took her four years to follow him . . .


When I decided to convert, oh, about 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend was understandably freaked out, as were my mom, dad, and the rest of the family. Here are some tips I’ve learned from this experience:

  1. Let them lead the conversation. Make it clear that if they feel overwhelmed, you can come back to it another day.
  2. Ask them to give you, one at a time, an issue they have with the Catholic Church and Her teachings. You can either explain it yourself or give them some reading material to alleviate their fears that you’re joining a cult. Don’t expect them to be convinced and converted themselves, at least not right away.
  3. Give them time to get used to this. It’s a pretty big shock.
  4. Make sure they know that they aren’t required to convert with you and that you’re not going to put undue pressure on them. But also let them know that you expect some understanding from them and that you’d appreciate it if they gave it a chance.
  5. Reassure them that you aren’t going anywhere and that you still value your family. They may feel that if you’re abandoning your job and your faith, you might abandon them.
    I don’t know how applicable this is to your situation, as you haven’t provided many details. I’ll be praying for you and for your family.


[quote=Doug54]Hello everyone! I’m Doug and am a Southern Baptist minister who is now convinced the Catholic Church is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I desire to be become a Catholic but my wife and daughter do not. What should I do as head of the home? :confused:

Hi, friend.

As a Baptist minister, you will probably have much to contribute to the Church. Frequently those who are called aren’t called so much for their benefit as for the Church’s.

Each man is the minister of his family. More than sexual activity, this role defines him as the head of his household.

However, it seems to me that conversion of the family must be by persuasion, not command. I would not go beyond describing your faith journey to them.

I have said a prayer for you and your family.


Welcome Doug!

I’m also a former Southern Baptist, about to (re)start RCIA process. Others have mentioned the Journey Home and the Coming Home network. Also, Steve Ray’s book, “Crossing the Tiber” was a great help in my own conversion. Mr. Ray is a former Baptist as well.(His website is catholic-convert.com , btw!)

Also, if your family likes to know about the early Church, Ron Bennet’s “The Four Witnesses” is good. He is also a former Baptist. :smiley:

We’ll be praying for you and your family on this wonderful journey.


[quote=Doug54]Hello everyone! I’m Doug and am a Southern Baptist minister who is now convinced the Catholic Church is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I desire to be become a Catholic but my wife and daughter do not. What should I do as head of the home? :confused:


If I may suggest, be VERY gentle with your wife and daughter. God is also at work here, and when He wants them to join the Catholic Church He will tell them. It is also my experience that kids will learn a whole lot more from what you do when you are not trying to teach them anything than they will from anything you might tell them.

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