Hi CAF family, please pray for my daughter .. and for me


Hi all,

You have been a wonderful “family” to me here, and I oftentimes write, and oftentimes just lurk and pray on my lunch hour.

My daughter is 2 years old now, and has a white spot on her leg and some bumps on her nose (which, you know could just be a spot and some bumps) and none of the doctors are “worried” but it could be tuberous sclerosis, but PROBABLY IS NOT, but you know, I’m a worrier. We had a bit of a rough patch (putting it lightly) and my husband has segmental neurofibromatosis and tumors all over his leg at the age of 32, so we are a bit “raw” etc. So we are just getting a genetic test done for her to make sure its not tuberous sclerosis, which is probably going overboard, but I just have to “know” that she is ok, etc.

Can you all say a prayer for her, that she is going to be fine? I would appreciate it - you are all some great prayer warriers on here…

As a sidenote, HOW can I stop the worry, the anxiety, the fear, the (gasp) almost despair I feel? I just have never been able to shake it after my husbands diagnosis 4 years ago. He is doing ok, not dying, but in constant pain, ugh. Anyway he is such a wonderful person, and patient, but I have become raw and nervous and scared and fearful over EVERYTHING anymore…

I know I know - pray and give it up to God. I know I know - dont fear or have despair, its a sin against God. I know I know…but how do you STOP??? How??? Please someone - give me some real tools, because I’m so anxious - its like I want all the answers and to know everything is going to be ok forever, because I am just not strong enough (and people say…oh sure, you are strong enough…but I’m just not…)



First, prayers for the health of your little girl, your DH, and you! :crossrc:

On the issue of worrying: when you find the answer, let me know. :wink: :rolleyes: I guess the best thing I can suggest is the chaplet of Divine Mercy, and repeating “Jesus, I trust in You” when you’re upset and scared. I am a big worrier too :o so I understand what it’s like. I’m not the best at letting go of fear and worry, but I try, and God knows that.

My aunt did a needlepoint for my Mom years ago that reads:
“Reach up as far as you can and God will reach down the rest of the way.” Maybe keeping this in mind will help on your journey of letting go of fear and trusting in Him.

Best wishes and God bless your family! :hug1:


It sounds like you may be suffering from catastrophe-thoughts which is a kind of anxiety. I really think you should consider getting some pshychiatric help for that… :hug1: Another thing… for prayer… try to give Jesus thanks and praise… Thats a great spiritual weapon. I have experienced great pshychological or spiritual burdens evaporate when kneeling and keeping on praising Him in the moment of heavy darkness.

Lord you see the fear and unrest in Vester’s heart . I ask that you just come with your Holy Spirit and surround her and hold her in your Hand so she feels the peace that transcends all understanding. Whatever happens its in your hand and plan Lord. You have told us not to worry but trust our Heavenly Father… He knows what we need. Lord Jesus… we give Vester, her girl and her husband over in your Hand and over into your Sacred Heart… we pray for you to give her strength right now to leave her loved ones there. There they are safe. In your Heart.
You carry our burdens Lord . at the Cross we lay our worries and know that you will give the strength whenever it is needed in due time. You will not give us something we cant bear Lord. You have promised all these things in your Word.
The Lord says: "Dont worry, dont be afraid… "

Lord we trust in You… Lord we trust in you. You have made all things well. We ask you to heal everything… make this family praise you in thanksgiving for all that you have done.
We ask for your peace.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Also I bless you sister in Jesus. I bless you in the name of Yeshua our Saviour.

:slight_smile: <><


Prayers for you, your DD, and your DH. Please let us know how the test goes…:console:


Thank you everyone for your thoughts and most especially prayers so far…

GraceDK - what is catostrophic thoughts anxiety. I have to humbly admit, that as horrible as it is, I think I may have that, the title alone sums me up…:frowning:

Grace your prayer brought me to tears - thank you for praying for me and my daughter and family.



Hi Vester,

You know, when I was going through some of my darkest moments I turned to the Holy Spirit. I developed a deep devotion to the Holy Spirit after wards. I clung and prayed to the Holy Spirit nonstop…novenas, devotions, anything I could find. The Holy Spirit filled me with peace, tranquility and consolation, just as He consoled our Lord Jesus Christ during His darkest moments. All you have to do is ask for this peace and consolation from Him and you’ll get it.

Getting through what I got through without losing my mind is all because of God-in particular the Holy Spirit. He filled me with consolation and the ability to accept what was happening and the understanding that His plan was much greater than what I was seeing at the moment.

I know it’s hard and the only word I can think of that sums this up is-Surrender and it’s in this surrender that you find faith, trust and hope. I hope this helps…you’re in my prayers.


The Holy Spirit has truly worked in mysterious ways here.

I have been so calm in the last two weeks.

We just found out today (6 FULL WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE) that she does not have tuberous sclerosis.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.

And Thank you God for our Blessings.




Just keep asking Mary to pray for strength, and comfort–I know it’s hard…I’m a worrier as well!:blush:

You’re in my prayers, vester.



I just dont know how to put “update” at the top of the thread! :slight_smile:



That’s great Vester! Congrats! :smiley:


Yay!!! You must be so relieved! God is great!


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