Hi everyone, searching for a catholic community in lansing MI


Hi Everyone,
am happy to be part of this group. My husband and I are relocating from Europe to Michigan Lansing. We would be happy to find a catholic community with whom to grow spiritually. please feel free to contact me in case you have advice for us.


Hi, Welcome to Michigan!

Here are some links you might find helpful,

Diocese of Lansing - www.dioceseoflansing.org
Cathedral in Lansing - stmarycathedrallansing.catholicweb.com/
Diocese of Lansing Faith Magazine - faithmag.org/

I don’t know much about the parishes in the Lansing area, but over all it is not a particularly conservative nor liberal diocese. I haven’t lived in the diocese for about 10 years, but still hear about the diocese through our families.

I hope your move is smooth! :smiley:



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