Hi guys, help me understand this 3 terms

Hi, I’m Mike, I converted to Catholicism 3 months ago, had the honor to be confirmed by the Bishop of Nazareth, English is not my native language, I read books to enrich my knowledge and there are this 3 terms: “Host, Sanctuary, Reflectory” Which I can’t grasp their meaning, can you help me?:thumbsup:

The “host” is the term used to describe the piece of bread that is consecrated at Mass to become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. When you receive Communion you receive the host that has been consecrated.

The " Sanctuary" in Catholic churches is the sacred area surrounding the altar where Mass is said, often separated from the main body of the church by an altar rail. There are also usually 3 steps leading up to the Sanctuary which helps to separate it. In Protestant churches, the entire worship space is often called the Sanctuary.

I could not find a definition for “reflectory” that pertained to religion. Could you possibly mean “refectory”, which is a dining hall in a building such as a monastery or other public building? In many monasteries the monks or nuns meet for communal meals in the refectory and usually Sacred Scripture or some other spiritual literature is read aloud during the meal by someone.

Re: Host.

It’s a cognate of hostia. It’s translated as “host” before the consecration (from “immaculatam hostiam”) and “Victim” after the consecration (from “hostiam puram, hostiam sanctam, hostiam immaculatam”). It essentially means the same thing, though.

Yes “refectory”! You made things clear! thanks!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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