Hi, I am a Catholic with a Christian Science question


I came here because a relative told me to do a google search for Catholic websites after I told her how much help I was getting through Christian Science.

I have been on a C.S website lately and have been reading Science and Health as well.

As a survivor of childhood “S” abuse, I have found the teachings of C.S inspiring. The ideas that sin and pain are unreal, and other things, have helped me to overcome my past and see the persent in a different light. I also find myself praying more and feeling better about just being me, one of Gods’ children.

My parish does not offer alot in the way of womens groups, bible study groups or youth groups. I was actually even shocked that this website was here. Until this year (I am 35) I considered myself a devout Catholic, but I see so much in M.B.E’s words in Science and Health I don’t know anymore. I wish I had found more help from being Catholic.

Has anyone elese gone in this direction before?.
Can anyone offer advice or any comments that might be helpful?
Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Laurel

Did you say sin and pain are unreal? You need to study redemptive sufferring( inthe Catholic Church).How do you reconcile what Jesus went through with what you said.I don’t understand,please explain.God Bless

Dear Laurel, I highly implore you goto your local mainstream Christian book store and read the chapter on Christian Science in the book Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin.


Not asking you to buy the book, just read the chapter. I’m heartbroken that you didn’t find more help from your local church. :frowning:
If theres anything you’d like help on, I or I’m sure many others here will go out of our way to help you if you ask. Please though dear, be very careful of Christian Science. I’m not going to ask that you trust or believe me, but that chapter for yourself. Truth has no need to fear investigation.


It is difficult for me to answer that question as I have been Cathoilc for 35+ years and have only been reading S&H for a few months, but I will give it a shot.

According to S&H, man is not matter; he is not made up of brain, blood, bones and other material elements. They say that the scriptures inform us that man is made in the image and likeness of God. Matter is not that likeness…, Man is spiritual and perfect; and because he is spiritual and perfect, he must be so understood in Christian Science. Man is the idea, the image, of love; he is not physique…
It also says that man is incapable of sin, sickness and death. The real man cannot depart from his holiness, nor can God by whom man is evolved, engender the capacity of freedom to sin.

This is a quote from S&H
[left] We treat error through the understanding of Truth, because Truth is error’s antidote. If a dream ceases, it is self-destroyed, and the terror is over. When a sufferer is convinced that there is no reality in his belief of pain,–because matter has no sensation, hence pain in matter is a false belief,–how can he suffer longer? Do you feel the pain of tooth-pulling, when you believe that nitrous-oxide gas has made you unconscious? Yet, in your concept, the tooth, the operation, and the forceps are unchanged. [/left]
[left] Material beliefs must be expelled to make room for spiritual understanding. We cannot serve both

 God and mammon at the same time; but is     not this what frail mortals are trying to do? 

If Christian Science takes away the popular gods,-- sin, sickness, and death,–it is Christ, Truth, who de- stroys these evils, and so proves their nothingness. The dream that matter and error are something must yield to reason and revelation. Then mortals will behold the nothingness of sickness and sin, and sin and sickness will disappear from consciousness. The harmonious will appear real, and the inharmo- nious unreal.

Why do these things seem so untrue? I could not have explained any of this as well, that is why I used quotes. Do you have any thoughts on what I have presented? I really am interested in the catholic piont of view.

Sincerely, Laurel

Hi Inigo,

I will read that chapter. I feel badly for reaching out to another faith, but I have felt more healed than I ever have before. I never felt as though anyone at my parish could really help me or would want to. I even taught C.C.D for 2 years, and never really felt like an active member of the parish community, given what little was offfered to it. I have been in so much emotional pain for so long and I feel as though I have finallly found the answers that I have sought for so long.
I hope you can understand.


I cannot speak for the degree of Christianity in C.S. but from your statements there is precious little Science. Perhaps the movie Passion of the Christ will be a reality check for you, as I imagine it would be hard for you to deny the reality of pain and suffering after watching it. Anything crueller to preach to those in the world who are suffering than that their experience is not real would be hard to come up with.

Hi puzzleannie,

I am sensitive to those in pain. As I said I am a survivor of childhood sxual ause, and was rpd and aused in adluthood also. It is not my understanding that the experience is not real, it is the pain that is felt that is not real. I think what C.S says is reflected the quote I used…When a sufferer is convinced that there is no reality in his belief of pain,–because matter has no sensation, hence pain in matter is a false belief,–how can he suffer longer?..
There is no denying that matter exists, it is just that it’s sensations such as pain are unreal. It is that principle that allows me to free myself from the “mental anguish” I have suffered with for so long.

Sincerely, Laurel

I am for anything that helps you cope with the mental anguish (and physical an psychic pain) of things you suffered that no one should have to endure, but I question if an artificial “therapy” based on a lie will help you in the long run, and if it will prevent you from seeking and receiving the spiritual healing you really need, which is available to you through the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. I earnestly pray for you to experience that healing.

I forgot to ask my original question, which is why is Christian Science interested in Mary Magdelene?

[quote=Laurel]Hi Inigo,

I will read that chapter. I feel badly for reaching out to another faith, but I have felt more healed than I ever have before. I never felt as though anyone at my parish could really help me or would want to. I even taught C.C.D for 2 years, and never really felt like an active member of the parish community, given what little was offfered to it. I have been in so much emotional pain for so long and I feel as though I have finallly found the answers that I have sought for so long.
I hope you can understand.


Satan will heal if it wins him a soul.

Hi Laurel

I was also a victim of the same abuse you mention. The abuser was my stepdad and it went on for several years.

My mothers sis was a Christian Science Practioner so I was very familiar with the teachings. I must say, I converted to the Catholic Church when I was 18, so I attended CS services a lot.

I adored my Auntie, she was the most gentle and loving woman I have ever known. She followed her belief to the letter and allowed LOVE to rule her life. She loved Gods creation and in my entire life, never heard her say a bad word about anyone or any religion.

The fact is, as sweet and lovely the Christian Science belief is, and it is, it lacks the Truth of the Apostles and the Holy Spirit. I am not saying it is lacking the Holy Spirit, only God, Himself knows that. I do know that I witnessed healings through the prayers of Auntie. “Love covers a multitude of sins”.

The truth is, the Catholic Church does have everything to offer you that the CS belief (it is not Church) does. I received my inner healing, my forgiving of my stepdad, and the rest of my healing in the Catholic Church. This happened in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

You must come to grips with the fact that Jesus taught us about sin. He said it did exist and never ever said it was just error in our thinking. Mary Baker Eddy came up with that, and her own interpretation of Scripture. She has never claimed to be a prophet. She wasn’t. The Catholic Church, has the TRUTH in all things Spiritual and Moral. There is evil and sin in the world. However, GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.

Unfortunately, you have to search deeply into your Diocese to see this truth manifested in a way that would help you (and me). It is there.

My dear one, please remain where you were planted when you first knew the Lord. A real diamond is always better than glass that looks like a diamond. Stick to the real item.

If you care to, feel free to either email me or instant message me. I can relate completely to what you have been through and what you are searching for.

Hi, Laurel, I know this is completely off topic, and I hope that doesn’t upset anyone (and I spologize ahead of time if it does!), but, is Laurel your first name?

I was out of the church for almost as long as you’ve been in, but I want you to know that with just a little study you’ll pretty quickly see that the truth (because there IS such a thing as objective truth) is right here in the Catholic Church, whether we have seen it before or not. It wasn’t until someone attacked the faith that I dug around and discovered the beautiful diamond that is the real live Catholic faith.

I’m sorry for your suffering…I know that it would be hard for anyone to get their mind around all your hurt, but please bear in mind that Christ Himself suffered unbearably for us. I suggest that you see “The Passion of the Christ” if you haven’t yet. We really have little concept of that suffering sometimes, but the fact is that Jesus was both 100% man and 100% God all in one, so he suffered the very same things we do. Hence, He understands our suffering better than we can ever imagine…and He understands yours as well. I believe that you will find that Our Lord will take you into His arms in an embrace of love and consolation that you have yet to even imagine. I know He has done that with me in times when my heart was breaking and my very soul was aching. My suffering was different than yours, but like yours…it still hurts sometimes.

As for Christian Science…I could never embrace their beliefs because they deny so many basic and fundamental Christian doctrines that have been around for over 2,000 years. Truth is truth Laurel, the Catholic Church has its fullness and they haven’t got it, though some of what they say is nice. Stick around and let us help you.

By way of dealing with suffering…since today is Tuesday let me suggest that you pray your Rosary and meditate upon those Sorrowful Mysteries of Christ’s Passion. It is a constant help to me.

Dominus vobiscum

Hi everyone,

I just spent a long time answering all of you individually, only to lose the post. There was an error or something. I will try to sum it all up now.

The curiosity was sparked by a question on that subject.

Satan?, maybe some misconceptions, but I never would think Satan was a factor in C.S. Do you really?. Does anyone elese? I saw Bedazzled, and I am not making any deals, I am just praying alot!.

It is comforting to know that someone out there knows Christian Science and can understand why I would want to believe. I want to be seen like you see your Aunt. I try to be like that. I have experienced healing myself too. It is hard to deny.

Yes, my name is Laurel

Thank you for your kind words. I will see The Passion and I hope I will get to see it soon. My husband doesn’t want to see it and he has the money in the house. I will take your suggestions and thank you fro your time here.

[quote=Laurel]Yes, my name is Laurel

That’s my first name, too!

Hello and God Bless,

Here are some things that I would like for you to be aware of…

When people are suffering and struggling with hurt often times they find solace in Family-esk type groups that preach about wonderful things. These things promise healing, compassion, love, family, etc.

When a person in need comes into such groups they almost feel euphoric because they are saying all of the right things and doing some things that perhaps the general populous should be doing but does not. All of the sudden there are answers.

You really need to be exceptionally careful when dealing with such things because people with less than good intentions design them to ensnare people in just your predicament.

Sometimes they are as heinous as ‘cults’ in the contemporary use of the word – sometimes they are gangs – sometimes they are ‘far-out’ religious companies looking to make a profit. I am not saying that Christian Science or whatever is any of these things but please be on your guard.

C.S. Lewis was a great writer and I love his work, but he was also very Catholic in his views – especially towards the end of his life.

There is so much to talk about as far as your past but I will leave you with this. You have found out that simply by changing your perception of yourself you have learned to feel better and overcome. This tells me and should tell you that you are the one has control of this and have more control of it than anyone or anything outside of you. Keep working on changing your perception of yourself for the better, but do not throw away that which did not help you as much as it should. You have found your calling…

Help others in the Church that have similar problems and let them help you in return so that they do not also have to look outside to find what they need. Start a group in your Church or area.

God Bless

Christian Science is neither Christian nor science.

It is not Christian since Mary Baker Eddy tosses all historic Christian doctrine. No Trinity, no Nicene Creed, no Jesus, no sin, no hell.

It is not science since nothing she said in Science and Health is backed up by modern science. I’m sorry pain and suffering are real, Jesus did not suffer an “error of mortal mind.” (Mary Baker Eddy re-definition). Yeah I’ve flipped through Science and Health on occasion in the bookstores.

one critical article discussing the details of “Eddyism”

And Mary Magdalene according to the Gospels had a demon (or several) cast out of her. She could have been a prostitute, but that is indeed a later tradition. One of the few things Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) got right, but everything else Brown says on her is wrong. :smiley: She was not originally head of the church, and neither was Mary Baker Eddy. :cool: That’s Peter and his successors job (Matt 16:18ff; Isaiah 22).

Phil P

Hi Shibboleth,

The thing that made me believe that pain is not real is that when I was 10 and being abused, I could separate myself from the stiuation and see myself as if I was floating in the room. I’ve heard it called dissociation or transcendental meditation, and I was told these were abnormal mechanisms of the mind to enable us to not face reality.

Someone explained it to me like this…

It’s good that you can look back and see how even in the middle of the abuse you were being lifted out of it. That vision of yourself as detached from the situation helps you to see that the real you, your spiritual identity, was never touched.

That explains why I only felt pain or anything elese once. It seems as though it was not real. I was raised Catholic, but it really seems to proove that point

I do; however, see what you mean about changing my perceptions and I know that only I can change my life. At this point in time I have neither the means or opportunity to start a group at my church. I have a 15yr old, a 7yr old and a 3 soon to be 4yr old. My time is best spent with them right now.

I also did not teach C.C.D again this year, I did not feel right about doing it in light of my situation.


I think you are right not to teach CCD while you are in conflict about so fundamental a thing as your belief system, it will be very hard to pass on a faith you yourself are not sure of, also I am glad you have found people here who understand and sympathize with you, and hope you will consider this a place where you can find such people.

I have been thinking of why you may have posted the Mary Magdelene question, and remind you that although many throughout history have identified her as the woman taken in adultery, a prostitute, or the woman from whome 7 demons were cast out, or the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears of repentence, we are not sure if any of those identifications are correct. Often people, especially women, who have sexual sins in their past have identified with her and rejoiced that such a one was able to be forgiven and rise to the blessedness of being a witness to the resurrection. It is important, if there is something of that idea behind your poll, to remind you that the victim of sexual abuse is innocent of sin, although the victimizer and even others the victim approaches for help may treat her as if she has done something wrong. In your recovery, this reminder of your own innocence I hope will help you. know that we are all praying for you.

Hi PhilVaz,

I have read the article. I see why C.S has been the subject of controversy. Thank you for your concern and for the article.

How then can one explain what I described to Shibboleth. I felt no pain, and also my mental pain has almost disappeared, along with my nightmares. I am not defending C.S, I am just asking.


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