Hi I need help about confession


Hi I am new here,

I am 16 year old a girl and well I was wondering about confession. Now I rarely go to church. And I have have commited mortal sins mostly stealing when I was younger like in kindergarten I stole a toy Donald Duck from his kid, and the next day I cried about it all through class knowing I was going to go to Hell. I kept saying to myself “I am going to go to Hell!” Well I have stolen cookies from peoples’ houses and I took money from my brother one time, he was really angry. I even tried to hurt my mom, but thank God I didn’t. I need to know can I only be truly forgiven of my sins through confession? Or is prayer enough to give me forgiveness of my sins? I pray everyday in the morning and before I go to bed i pray the Holy Rosary, the Act of Contrition, a prayer for the rapture when it comes to be saved, and two prayers that I say directly to God asking his forgiveness and knowing that I have sinned against Him. Please if anyone can answer my questions I really would appreciate it so much. I just feel horrible for my sins, I forgot about them for years but then all of a sudden they popped right back in my mind tearing me up inside. I even cried one night asking God to forgive me and take me to Heaven when I die. So please if you read this I would like some answers to my questions. Is confession only on Saturdays or Sundays? I have heard it’s only on Saturdays. Well who all are reading this probably think I am a horrible person for commiting these horrible sins. But I don’t want you to think of me that way I have just made mistakes in my past and I want to forget about them and move on. PLEASE I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME. TO GIVE ME ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS I HAVE ASKED! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


The short answer is you MUST go to Confession, sincerely repent and try your best not to sin again.
You can make an act of perfect contrition provided you attend Confession as soon as possible thereafter (as soon as possible doesn’t mean weeks or months but the next available Confession or even make an appointment for one) but at least if you die before getting to Confession your sins would be forgiven.
The tricky part is knowing if your act of contrition really is perfect. I wouldn’t like to take the chance.


I know just how you feel! I am now almost 14, and avoid sinning, but when I was 11 I was a lost sheep and committed horrible, horrrible sins(one of which I could never openly confess).It makes me sick to the heart, now, when I think of how rude I was to Our Lord…Your not a horrible person;youv’e just got to live and learn.I think it would be a good idea to go to Confession.I know its scary, but I think God would like you to.Just be brave and think of Our Lord.Hope this helps.Oh, and if you need a guide on how to go to Confession you can find one @ pages.matmice.com/home/Catholichism.
I’ll say a prayer for you, believe me, I know what your going through.


Oh, and I almost forgot, please go to Mass.Jesus would like to see you there.It would make Him very happy.Why dont you go?


You probably need to go to confession, but you also need to start going to Mass on Sundays. Misssing Mass is a mortal sin. Just do not go to communion until after you have gone to confession.

To find confession times of churches in your area, go to masstimes.org. Click on the churches that are near you, and there should be information about confession. Having them on Saturday is pretty common, but some parishes also have them before daily mass during the week and before sunday masses.

Most people (but not all) feel like the weight of the world is lifted from their shoulders after they go to confession. Especially when it is one that is long overdue.


Those awful ones DO need to be openly confessed. If you don’t confess them ALL, then none are forgiven. Trust me, the priest has heard it all.

My life was pretty uncomplicated at 14 - no drugs, sex, or alcohol, but even so, I’m sure I didn’t totally avoid sinning. You don’t ever gossip about other people, or disrespect your parents, ignore someone who needs help?

Nice job on the website. I especially like the rosary page. May God bless you on your journey.


You can also contact a priest and schedule a confession at a time convenient to both of you.

Go often to confession and live a virtuous life.

Read Getting the Most out of Confession


I think the best advice is go see your Pastor, follow his advice which I’m confident will be come to receive the Sacrament of Penance and begin today to do your best to follow our Lord and Saviour which will include going to Mass every Sunday.


Thank goodness this was a multiple choice poll. You should do all of them I thin, ecept: Never to go confession and just pray for forgiveness.

Confession is great. Go often. Saturday Sunday before mass… weekdays before mass… whenever you can. You’ll love yourself for it.



Reader16 look at your private messages I sent you one with alot of info. I was in the same situation a few months ago.( im almost 16) All I can say to you and anyone else here is even if your embarassed and terrified, pray to God to give you the grace to make a good confession. Once its over you will feel great, and now that feeling of peace motivates me and gives me the courage to confess my sins every time I go to confession.

Btw the priest has heard it all, trust me.


I think they mean that they could never openly confess them HERE. Not that they have never been confessed at all.



Hello reader, God knows you’re serious about seeking forgiveness and getting back on good term with Him.

Be careful not to worry too much when do sin but be sure to ask the Lord’s forgiveness and don’t give in to despair. Get up dust yourself off and start again.

You can be certain of God’s forgiveness if you go to confession with a contrite and humble heart and a firm resolution not to sin again.

BTW, there’s no “rapture”. You will be judged when you die and if the Jesus comes before then, there will be a general judgement of all mankind.

You’ll be fine as long as you trust in God!

God bless,


yea theres no rapture click on Lizaanes link and look for the podcast on the rapture, its based on false and stretched interpretations of scripture.


Ok someone please reply i want to do a very good confession where i want to say all my sins that i have commited and startr from scatch so i need a few answers please!!??
Is it alright for me to write my sins down on paper and take it along to confession because there are lots a remembered and i need to say??
I have said teh saying “sweet Jesus” like when something goes wrong and a guy said dont say that i said what am i meant to say “Sour Jesus”? a said Sour Jesus liek 3 times after that to the guy and now i feel really guilty is this bad do i need to say this in particular or when i go to confession i ussually say i said inpolite words by that i mean the F word the C one and otehr swearing thigns but i dont say i curse because i never ever ever cursed against a saint or god that is too far and would never do it does this also inc saying that girl is hot??
3.If i say i was angry do i need to say i was angry at god seperately to that??
4,I also plan to say I was disrepecfull to others and to their things by that i mean fighting and breaking some things do i also need to say i was disrespectfull to my siblings or is saying to others the same as well for this??
5.And do i have to say i was bad at school seperately to saying i was bad as in random places etc??
Please I really want to make this a good confession so i dont sit down after it and say oh no i forgot to say this etc i want to come out and feel happy again because i know im clean and can recive communion again.


You have to scroll down the page a little to see the guide on how to go to Confession. I recommend you check it out.

Yes, you can make a list if you are afraid that you will forget something. To ensure your privacy, make sure no one sees it before your confession and that you destroy it afterwards. You must confess each sin but you don’t need to go into detail unless the priest asks for clarification. Just let him be your guide to lead you through it.

Here is a link to help you examine your conscience:


Words of Jesus to Sister Faustina (Divine Mercy)

When you go to confession, to this fountain of mercy, the Blood and Water which came forth from My Heart always flow down upon your soul…In the Tribunal of Mercy [the sacrament of Reconciliation]…the greatest miracles take place and are incessantly repeated…Here the misery of the soul meets the God of Mercy…

Come with faith to the feet of My representative…I myself am waiting there for you. I am only hidden by the priest… I Myself act in your soul… Make your confession before Me. The person of the priest is, for Me, only a screen. Never analyse what sort of a priest it is that I am making use of; open your soul in confession as you would to Me, and I will fill it with My light…



Yes, you can make a list. I almost always do this because my mind just totally goes blank.

You can say that you “used Jesus’ name thoughtlessly” when things weren’t going your way. You can also say that you used other bad language out of anger or to fit in with the crowd(or whyever you used it). I have seen that foul language isn’t necessarily a sin - it depends on why you used it, who else was around and/or offended, etc.

Thinking that a girl is “hot” - that might be looking at others as objects and not with the human dignity that God intended.

You can say that you’ve been angry at God and angry at others (parents, siblings, teachers, whoever) in your life.

You can say that you’ve been disrespectful to others (siblings, parents, friends) by things that you’ve said to them, and by breaking things that belonged to them in anger.

If you were “bad” at school or other places, you might want to be a little more specific. Bad how? Not paying attention? Being disrespectful to the teachers? How? Damaging property?

Sounds like you’ve got a good start on this. Check out the examination of conscience that others have listed. Make a list. Be complete, but don’t go into a lot of details. If the priest needs more details, he’ll asked (and I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for more details). Say the hardest stuff first. If you have questions - ask.

Good luck! The angels will be dancing!


A good Confession allows a soul to become spotless before God; it’s almost like being reborn.

There is also a mental benefit that is rarely ever pointed at and that is a clear headedness and a healthy outlook on our daily lives. Many poor folks are downtrodden and never seem to overcome negativity…it is because there can be lingering guilt way down into a person’s being (soul).

The benefits of a good Confession make us one with God and allows for a cheery, optimistic day-to-day life.


May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

What I usually do when I miss the Saturday confession schedule of the parishes, I just approach the priest on a weekday after mass and ask him if he has a moment to hear my confession. They are always gracious and kind and say yes. I try to go to confession at least once a week or oven sooner than that for it is a great grace to go to confession. When we go to confession, It is Jesus’ Most Precious Blood that is being poured down on our souls to cleanse it (make it pure and whiter than snow) as we hear the most awesome and powerful words of absolution that our sins are forgiven. For when we confess, our sins are thrown away in this infinite ocean of God’s Mercy never to be found again. God does not remember them anymore and Satan cannot use them either to torment you to cause you to despair. So we can truly be free and not worry about whether our sins are forgiven if we truly make a good confession and have contrition for our sins.

When we go to confession, it breaks the bond of evil that is attached to us. As what Fr. Gabriele Amorth (the Vatican exorcist) said that confession is the best exorcism. Our Good Lord Jesus also infuses our souls with abounding graces that will also help us to overcome our own sinfulness, avoid near occasion of sins, and help us be pure and chaste and live that life of holiness and love as children of God made in His very own image and likeness.

That is why going to confession often is very good and an awesome thing to do!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!


Remember when Jesus said, “…the Kingdom of Heaven is within you…” There can be no doubt that He walks with you during your entire day. That’s the great reward for staying close. You grow in His ways and begin to look at the world in an entirely different perspective.


I have also gotten angry at my sister and said “I wish you died” or “I will pray for you to die” before and i know this is really wrong but how can i say it like i dont want to say every bad phrase that ive ever said would " I said Disrespectfull Things" Or Disrepectfull things to others?
And the Being bad thing i Will say this:
I Was Disrespectfull to my Parents
I was Disrespectfull to my Brother and Sister
I was Disrespectfull to my Teacher/s
I was Disrespectfull To Others (as in friends and all the other people i might have hurt)
Is this Ok to say it like this?
And I have decided for the Sin Against I did my Saying The S Jesus
I Will say “I used Jesuses name needlessly and thoughtlessly"
Is that fine? or something else.
And i will say " I didnt respect other peoples things” does this count for stupid things like crushing a guys Juice Popper at school etc and about trying to smash my own ps2 controler do i have to say another one with My things or would this one count for this?
And i was going to say i didnt have respect for food because i have sometimes thrown a sandwhich at school out and thrown food around etc.
But i was wondering if you say something and thought and had the intention of saying that you were confessing your sin but it turned out later you didnt say the right thing would you still be forgiven for those sins?

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