Hi, I'm a friend of this profile holder,Thomas Jennings, and I have a question on CS Lewis...

This is from CS Lewis’s ‘Transposition’ essay…
"Hence our notion of Heaven involves perpetual negations:no food, no drink, no sex, no movement, no mirth, no events, no time, no art.

Against all these, to be sure, we set one positive: the vision and enjoyment of God. And since this is an infinite good, we hold (rightly) that it outweighs them all. that is, the reality of the Beatific Vision would or will outweigh, would infinitely outweigh, the reality of the negations."

I am writing a fictional story about a collector of statues of movie characters who’s starts as an atheist but his faith grows. I was going to use the above CS Lewis quote to ‘help him’ discover that the loss of ‘art’ like statues of movie creations, will have, in Lewis’s words later in the same essay, “the reverse side of fulfilling.” In other words, they might not BE in the next life but something will that will differ to the original like a real landscape differs to a pencil drawing. And also, that this Beatific Vision will infinitely outweigh the negation of such earthly joys.

I know it seems a daft question, but would the above quote be a good one to use? I suppose Lewis might not have had statues in his mind when he wrote ‘art’, though I’m sure that doesn’t matter.
I really want to bring Lewis into this tale…are there any other quotes that might work even better?

That quote will work well, I think. Lewis also talked about this idea in “Perelandra,” chapter 3 in which he has his character, Ransom, refute another character, McPhee’s objections to the resurrection of the body:

"Oh don’t you see…that there’s a difference between a trans-sensuous life and a non-sensuous life? …the present functions and appetites of the body would disappear, …because they [would be]…engulfed.

It seems to have been one of his major ideas about heaven–that all that we are will be transformed and transmuted into Christ. At least, that’s how I read it. If you haven’t read “Perelandra,” I recommend it to you for research for your own book, as well as to get the whole of Lewis’ thought on the topic. Also, “The Great Divorce.”

Some people imagine that Heaven will be like a perfect earth - the pizza buffet is well-stocked and it never closes. But heaven will be NOTHING like earth, and it is beyond even our imagination what it will be like.

But as it is written: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” [1Cor 2:9]

Thanks for your answer by the way, it was a very good one!

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