i pray that i can get out of the house more.that everything like running errands dosen’t have to be a family thing.my daddy likes to run errands with my mom.he does evereything with her.but im saying there’s a time for family things and there a time to do stuff with mom since i can’t drive.etc. i do get out every tues and thurs.to go to rehab.i will talk about rehab,but not my illness.i do get out every tues.and thurs. for rehab but i stay cooped up in this house other than that.can’t even pay my bills.:cool:or go shopping

Hi Becky,

I don’t understand… when your parents go shopping, are you allowed to go with them?

Do you want to go out with your parents more? If so, start thinking of some places that you could go with them.
Also, just keep praying and things might get better :getholy:

i feel like running errands shouldn’t be a family thing.im 35 yrs old and don’t have any friends.and i can’t drive.i would like to go shopping at least,but he can’t come.do you know a man who like top shop fro an hour at least.then go out to eat.when im with them i have to do their thing.which is not what i want to be doing.that’s why i wish i had friends.:slight_smile:

Hi Becky,

So you want to go shopping… what kind of stores do you want to go to? When your mother goes shopping, does she go with her friends, or does she go alone? Maybe you could go with her. Your dad probably will not want to go because men think watching women look for clothes is boring, lol :smiley:

:slight_smile: we just don’t shop anymore.they do their own thing.

Hi Becky! :slight_smile: Maybe you could talk to your parents. Maybe you could sign up for a community class or something where you can meet other people and make friends. Maybe your church has some after-Mass activities you could join in.

i signed up for a spiritual renewal program,but my mom can’t bring me.i don’t know what else i can sign up for.:slight_smile:

I do I do!

Go online and sign up for Catholic Home Study amm.org/chss/chss.htm

It is free.

I have to complete the Catechism one but I have done three of their other studies along with my Marian Catechist work and it has kept me close to my faith and my mind active.

And you do TO have friends…us.

Hi Becky,

Have you told your mom that you want to go out more often? What do your parents think you should do?

Try to find out if your parish priest or somebody at the parish knows about home visitors or people that give rides for other parishioners. You can probably find out if you look on your churches website, or if you pick up a bulliten (paper newsletter) after Mass. It will have phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact. See if there is one that helps out people that stay at home.


for what?i need to know what kind of programs are out there for this area.the bullentin is not going to have that.:slight_smile:

i got out today.im just going to go with them every once in a while.i do have a friend to go out to eat with.suppossed to be going to the show,but i can’t.rather not say.don’t ask.im going out to eat with her next month in oct.she’s in the same program as me.:slight_smile:

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