Hidden flagged post



there is a post that is hidden by flags, in a thread that is now closed.

this post has absolutely nothing in it against CAF rules and is not offensive or insulting or uncharitable

this post is quite educational from an historic perspective on the great St Jerome

Is this a flaw of the flagging system , in hiding decent posts like this one? And penalising the person who posted . It seems to have become the victim of very uncharitable flagging

Can we flag the flagged post and bring to your attention that it seems to be very unjust.

I am hesitant to paste the post, but will if allowed for the aim of discussion.


Not sure what you’re referring to. Please provide links to the specific thread and post.


this is the thread, which has been closed. I am not asking about that, just about the post.

the post is number 26 or 27, I am not sure how to put up a link to the post. It is hidden by flags.


After examining the situation, we’re not sure how to un-hide the post in question. We’ll have to defer to the CA Webmaster, who may not be able to get to it until Monday. We apologize for the delay.


Thankyou @camoderator

Happy thanksgiving weekend.


That was my post am unsure how it got flagged I must have offended somebody


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