Hidden message in Genesis


On youtube, only 2 min long..





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On youtube, only 2 min long..



For those who may one day be searching for this, the hidden meaning referred to in the video title is about the names listed in the geneology from Adam to Noah as recorded in Genesis 5. The Hebrew names all mean something. Adam means Man, Seth means Appointed, Enoch means Mortal, Cainan means Sorrow, Mahalalel means The Blessed God, Jared means Shall Come Down, Enoch means Teaching, Methuselah means His Death Shall Bring, Lamech means The Despairing, and Noah means Rest. If you read it as a sentence, it says, "Man [is] Appointed Mortal Sorrow [or, sorrow and death]; The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching; His Death Shall Bring the Despairing Rest [or, shall bring rest [to] the despairing]." In other words, the geneology of Genesis 5 contains a prophesy of Jesus.


I could not reproduce this result using Strong's concordance.

youtube: Man (has) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the
blessed God shall come down teaching (and) his death
shall bring the despairing comfort.

Stong's: (man, human being, person) ( put, substituted) (initiated, a discipline) (fixed)
(praise of God) (a descent) (initiated or discipline) (a shoot or branch) (Lamech - unknown)

The poor man's method doesn't come close to the video.


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