Hiding posts in the CA FORUM!


How many FLAGS are needed for a post to be automatically HIDDEN in this forum??
Can a moderator DELETE a post??
Please reply!


I’m not sure how many flags it takes, but I do know it’s dependent upon the trust level of the member flagging them. The higher the level, the less flags are needed.

Mods can delete posts. Users can also delete posts, within a certain timeframe. If I click the three dots on my post, I have a trashcan, which is the option to delete.


I think it’s at least three flags to hide a post.


So, maybe ask the one who wrote the post to edit it and explain why they don’t want their posts flagged?


Correct with 1 exception. If a Regular rank user flags a post from a New User rank user as spam, only 1 flag is required.


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