High Hopes . . .

I am getting a little excited and having some high hopes. Why? Well . . . here is a little background info leading to my current situation. I grew up being the only one out of three that wanted to go to church. So I went from the age of elementary school on to church (Methodist) with a cousin. Neither one of my sisters had that inclination yet at the same time they were resentful of my parents for not having any religious instruction/interaction for us during adolescence. My Mother was “Methodist” but did not go to church, my father was “Catholic” but non practicing either. Religion was not taboo - it was just nothing we really studied, practiced or anything besides summer vacation bible school and any events I was involved in.

So, when I reached a certain level of maturity I decided I wanted to to back to my Catholic roots on my Dad’s side. Fortunately for me my husband was willing to go with me!! YAY! This brings us up to present day.

I have been “working” on my family - praying for them, trying to get them involved in any church (naturally I emphasize Catholicism, but just starting somewhere is a big step). I invite my family to go to Church with us all the time - and sometimes they do go. Also, I try and take my nieces and nephew with me frequently. I worry that my sisters are not baptized and neither are their children. My sisters will out right admit that they wish mom and dad had been more involved with a religious upbringing - yet they are doing the same thing to their children that mom and dad did to us. (frustrating!) Well I think I am finally getting through. They are going to be attending mass more regularly, Dad has said he is mulling over the idea of confession and getting back to the church (a big big step for him) and my mom and sisters and their husbands are seriously considering RCIA and conversion. WOO-HOO Nothing is concrete yet, but I cannot help getting excited at the thought of my family finding peace with God and the abundant blessings that they will receive along with due thanks for the blessings they already have!!

Boy that feels great to get out! I am so sorry to have rattled on so long but I am not very good at being short and sweet . . . oops. :o All right, I will stop - just a request: please send up a little prayer that my family will continue to open their hearts to God and be willing to dedicate their time and life to living for Him! Prayers also that I may be patient, kind, and ever-understanding of this sometimes confusing journey.


I have one word: DANG!!! :thumbsup: Sweet job working on the fam. What is your secret (I could use the advice for my extended family)


Wow! That is awesome news! How exciting for you and your family. I think I would faint if my family expressed any interest whatsoever in God or Church so I can imagine how thrilled you must be! I will certainly pray that they are overwhelmed with joy and peace that comes only from knowing Jesus! :slight_smile:


You can rest assured that your family is/has been in the prayers of many reading here. I was only half way through your post when I was already sending up prayers of thanksgiving on your behalf.

You must be thrilled with the awesome graces you are being shown and that are being showered on your family! I would love to have the same thing happen in my family!

Thank you so much for sharing the story of your good fortune with us. It gives all of us hope that we too may some day be the recipients of such answers to prayer.

I will continue to pray that your family enters and completes the RCIA program and opens their hearts to the fullness of what God has to offer them through His Bride, the Church.

God Bless,


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