High incidence of sexually transmitted disease

This is an unpleasant subject.

But necessary because the incidence of sexually transmitted disease is not only ignored but almost deliberately set aside.

[Don’t know how to state this.]

In the Sunday, New York Post July 27, 2008, in the separate Page Six section, they reported on a new trend:


Reporting on a “trend” ?] toward “extreme sex” … in which participants deliberately court contracting a sexually transmitted disease …

There is a hobby of sorts … engaging in “extreme sports” … skydiving without a parachute [catch up to someone carrying an extra and suiting up whilst falling] … or rock climbing or skiing without proper clothing. Death becomes a semi-near-certainty at some point.

Anyway, now 'they" are deliberately doing “extreme unsafe sex”.

[The Church has to get back to preaching morality and mortal sin from the pulpit.]

At some point the link will go away, so here’s a brief excerpt from the article.

At the same time, the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the city is reaching an all-time high. About 26 percent of New Yorkers have herpes, as compared with 19 percent in the U.S. overall. New cases of syphilis in the city are up, while HIV diagnoses among men and women between 13 and 29 increased by 6 percent between 2005 and 2006.

NYU gynecologist Sha-Barbara McDaniel says of the 25–30 young women she sees daily, “about 30 percent had unprotected sex in a one-night stand. And about 8 percent of women I see in committed relationships test positive for gonorrhea and chlamydia because their partners aren’t being faithful.”

Of her patients who get a check-up after having unprotected sex outside of a committed relationship, Dr. McDaniel says “most of them come in a month or so after the incident, and they aren’t scared. They’re resigned. A lot of them take Plan B so they’re not worried about pregnancy, and they’re not super-worried about sexually transmitted diseases. But they should be, because if someone has a one-night stand with you, they probably had a one-night stand with someone else.”

Can we give out more than one Darwin award per year?

Wow! I guess this pretty much proves “safe sex education” programs aren’t working either, eh?

As someone of this generation (I’m 21) this seems excessive and extreme, and nothing like the [diverse] group of young people I know. For those not from the NYC area (where I grew up) the Post is widely viewed as a tabloid.

Wow. This is so sad even though I have read about it before now. It still makes me want to cry. :frowning: Why on earth someone would be stupid enough to try this I don’t know. They must be trying to commit suicide or something. :eek::frowning:

Not sure but it may be similar to starting smoking?:shrug:

Good point. If I believed all the stats I read, then everyone EXCEPT those I know would have to be infected or devients or something… Some stats just seem pretty high. I’m no statistician but I’m sure things aren’t rosey, either. Well, the media is in the business of “selling newspapers.”

Someplace I read that 75% of the statistics quoted are made up on the spot by the author, including this one. :smiley:

Part of the mental illness of Narcissism.

Ewwww, that’s not good. :nope:

How many people know how many partners their “one night stand” has had? Then you would need to figure that each of the people your “one night stand” more then likely has had many “one night stand” partners also.

so lets be unreal here (ons=one night stands)

you & 1 ons =2

1 ons & 2 ons =3

2 ons & 3 ons = 5

so very conservatively when you had you ons you slept with the possibility of being exposed to a STD at 10x. If listening to the people talk at work the possibility is that the odds are that when you sleep with ons you could be sleeping with many more even hundreds of others that have been exposed to WHO KNOWS WHAT.:rolleyes: Sad but true.


A Petrie Dish.

That’s what someone referred to as a person with multiple sexual partners.

A Petrie Dish.

Pretty picturesque (and accurate) descriptor.


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