High School Age ministry / formation (mostly for public school students)


I am looking for models for what some people call high school youth ministry. The focus here is on serving and forming high school students (males and females), covering Confirmation but also post-confirmation. We have a mix of students, some which just have to receive sacramental prep for Confirmation (owing to the fact that they are already receiving formation in local Catholic High Schools), other students need basic Catholic formation for their age (~15-18).

Life teen is not too distant in the parish’s memory; and the experience wasn’t particularly good. Sort of devolved into a bunch of plays and skits, little content.

Newer focus seems to be more content ladened…but we’re looking to take this thing to the next level. I think we might be missing an “interior life - how to develop it” sort of component.

Does anyone have any thoughts, models to share, websites to take a look at?


I don’t have any experience in organizing such a group, but would be interested in what you find out and what you find that works!


I don’t think this is a full “program”, but it may be something worth looking into…
Eddie Cotter, the founder of DTS is a great guy… old friend of ours! :slight_smile:



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