High School Diploma Issue


I am a senior in college right now. I can not pursue anything in the medical due to not taking some classes. I tried to pursue career at a vocational school. They want to see my HS diploma and want a copy of my transcripts. I never received my diploma due and my HS will not release my transcripts. I went to a Catholic HS and my mom owes them a lot of money. I need some advise please.


Will they not release it to you or will they not release it to anyone? I was paying back stuff to my college and it was basically the same rule. Although they would release it to employers, I had to pay I think it was $7.00 for their copy fees and mailing. Although they would not give me my copy until I finished paying them what I owed.
I am not sure how it works with a high school. Have you tried to talk to them yourself? Possibly work out a payment agreement with them? I guess if you have done that and it has not worked, you could check with your state dept of education. I would try to talk to the school first though.


They won’t release them to anyone who owes them money. Paying them is not an option right. My parents are living paycheck to paycheck. I am busy trying to finish school up and pay for my summer class that I need to take so I graduate.


Can you take the test [GRD?] that gives you a certificate of equivalence to a diploma. I forget the details, but my daughter, who for various reasons never completed high school, went on to get her PhD. with just an equivalence certificate.


If they will not release the actual transcripts, they HAVE to verify that you went there, and that you graduated. If they refuse to do that, you might have a legal case against them. I know if you can’t afford to pay the school, a lawyer is not an option, but perhaps there is a law school on your campus or nearby that can guide you in the event the school won’t VERIFY.

Here’s what I would do, and you can take it for what it’s worth:

  • Write the school a letter, and explain that you cannot complete your education until they at least VERIFY your transcript. State that they are punishing you for your mother’s debt. Tell them you will be including this letter in your application packets. Remind them that the sins of the parents should not be visited on the sons and daughters, and as a Catholic institution, you hope they will be charitable to you, one of their once-better students and now an alum, who hopes someday to be an alum who can help the shcool financially. Tell them you will be happy to settle this with them once you have a career. Send it return receipt requested. Hopefully, your old high school will not want the embarasssment of turning you away
  • If you get no response quickly (10 business days), include the letter in your application packets for the various schools. Also include any unofficial high school transcript, OR a list of what you remember, to the best of your recollection, what you took, how many credits you received, and what you remember your grade to be. *Did you happen to save your old progress reports? Make copies and include those in your application packets.
  • Your college should have a copy of your high school transcript in your file. See if you can get them to give you, rather than just a transcript of your college courses, a complete official copy of your file. It might cost a few bucks more, but it should give you the high school transcripts you need.


Get a job, and you and your mother pay the bill. Work out a payment plan with the school. Too many Catholic schools lose thousands of dollars annually from people not paying tuition, fees, et cetera, that those people are obligated to pay.

– Mark L. Chance.


You’re a senior in college and that’s not good enough for a vocational school? They need high school transcripts?


Thanks Everyone for their posts.
*]I did not keep copies of my grades in HS.
*]I can not guarentee that my HS sent my final transcripts to my college.My college has poor internal controls and lack of communication internally and with the students.
*]When I graduated,my mom was given the impression that I would receive my diplome, However they were within their rights to withhold both my diploma and transcripts.
*]I can’t take the GED because I graduated from HS. All I need is proof
*]I think the reason that vocational want HS stuff is because they are designed for those only finished HS.[/LIST]


Take a year off of school, get a job and pay your debt.



That is my suggestion as well. This is a Catholic school, and every effort should be made to settle the debt. Perhaps the school administration will work out a settlement with you?


He has no “debt” here. He was a minor who was enrolled in a school by his parents. They engaged the debt. We do not hand our children debts when they mature into adults.

His parents need to take care of this; it is their debt and they are responbile for it. Their financial lapse is causing their son problems, and that is not really fair to him.

The sins of the father may be visited upon the children, but the debt should not.


Just so you know, I am a female.


Out of love for my parents, even as an adult, if I can do something that will ease their burden, I will do it out of love. My parents sacrificed long and hard for me - I believe that most loving children would want to do the same.


There is a big difference in doing something in love for one’s parents and having anonymous internet posters demand that one quit school, get a job and pay off someone else’s debt.


The OP asked for advice. This was one advised route. No demand, a SUGGESTION.


Take a year off of school, get a job and pay your debt.


That is a very strong suggestion then. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this.



I can’t take the GED because I graduated from HS. All I need is proof

Will their refusal to let you take the GED qualify as proof?


Stong decisions build character, confidence, and reinforce a pattern behavior for right living .

He benefited from the Catholic Schooling right? Why would anyone think he doesn’t have to pay for it? If he is having success in his college studies, it is more than likely a result of the Catholic School system.

Ten years down the line, one year plus or minus won’t matter. But, if he is debt free, he will feel proud of his decision, proud of his past, proud of his success in the face of obstacles. His mother will also be proud of him, and grateful for a son who eased her burden in life.

On the other hand, if he somehow weasles and finagles his way into getting by, without paying his debt, what will he think about himself? Will he be proud he is a good finagler? Will that start and reinforce a pattern of finagling, and just getting by? And, will he constantly be ashamed of his past. “Oh honey, we can’t go to that church, I still owe them money”, “Oh, we can’t send our kids to that school, I still owe them money”… etc, etc, etc

Strong people make strong decision, and sometime strong decisions make stronger people.:thumbsup:

Good luck!


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