High school senior suing parents for college tuition



The only thing she might be able to get is access to the college fund. Unless the car is in her name. Parents aren’t required to provide " living and transportation expenses" even if their kids live home.


I think this is an issue where it’s impossible for us to know the intricacies of. I have faith in the court system to work it out appropriately. She and her family will be in my prayers that the best circumstance will come out of this tragedy.


“A child is not emancipated until they’re on their own,” This strikes me as rather strange. It sounds as though in New Jersey, a child might remain unemancipated indefinitely by the simple act of never working, thereby making their parents responsible for their upkeep with no ending point.


I would guess the parents are responsible for the high school tuition unless they removed their daughter from the private school and re-enrolled her in a public school.

Once the daughter left the house after age 18 she has no claim on her parents. She’s a legal adult.


That’s not true under NJ law. As Jim pointed out above, a parent’s responsibility in NJ extends past the age of 18, until the child is financially independent.


Spoiled kids think parents should allow them to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and pay for it as well. No parent is required to pay for their child’s college. No parent is required to give their child a car. This whole case is reficulous. She is 18 years old. She left home. Social services investigated and agreed she was spoiled and that was it. If she has been offered scholarships, why does she need anything else? Many people pay for their own college, she can too.

My husband and I refuse to pay for our kids schooling. They can live at home to cut expenses as long as they want. They also must follow the house rules no matter how old they are. It’s a matter of respect. No one has the right to a free ride. Everything means more when you work hard for it and pay your own way


Or emancipates themselves. (apparently they can do that once they hit 18 or 16 with a judges order) The parent’s attorney is making the claim that the girl emancipated herself when she chose to move out.

From what I’ve read elsewhere there is no precedent for this type of case. Usually these types of cases involve divorced parents fighting over paying for their kid or a kid trying to gain emancipation from their parents.

Sounds like this family has a lot of issues. This should be being worked out in counseling/mediation and not in a courtroom. Everyone involved will end up being losers.


How very sad that their conflict couldn’t be resolved before it got to this point. It sounds as if neither side is willing to give an inch. Those are issues that they could have worked through.


The daughter is in counseling and has been prescribed medication. She was in trouble at school (two suspensions already this school year).

And there are people supporting her in this craziness ratyer than respecting tye authority of her parents? A lawyer got another lawyer for her rather than telling her she needed to work things out with her parets and now wants to get te parents to pay for the lawyer who is suing them?!?!?!?! Why didn’t the father of the best friend suggest and support family counseling?

And some of the people at the school don’t seem to be much better. What a nightmare for the parents! That bff’s father wohld be counter-sued so fast…


The folks that took her in had no business getting involved unless they were Licensed Foster Parents an CPS assigned them.

I pray the case is thrown out.

Poor parents.


LOVE, brothers and sisters! Somewhere, LOVE is missing in this relationship. It’s the tragic loss of love that’s the real problem!

The judge should order the parents and teenage daughter to hug and embrace each other.


Good advice!!! :thumbsup::slight_smile:


Yes, but he probably should not order them to pay for the college of her choice if she will not follow their rules.


The Prodigal Son left home and as we all know, he returned to a big welcome because he was very sorry for what he had done.

The Three Little Pigs left home to seek their fortune.

Jack who was famous for climbing the beanstalk did not return home until he could
provide comfort and wealth for his mother after he wrongfully sold the cow for beans.

Not so silly, a child old enough to disobey her parents and is protected by law to make her own bad decisions, should not be able to force her parents to continue having to cope with her selfish demands. The daughter did not learn the 4th Commandment.

Its pitiful that selfishness and pride is putting everyone through this but that is what evil does.
I’m sorry for all of them. Perhaps they could get together on a Saturday for Confession. How heavenly to be at peace with one another. God bless.


college education is not a right nor is a college education always a spring board to success in life or a good job. There are many people that are now very rich and successful without a college degree. This is a sad tragic case and I am sure that there is plenty of blame through all of the 18 years between the parents and this girl. If this girl is an honor student, then she should be able to get a scholarship somewhere, it just might not be the college of her choice. Likewise, she should be able to get FASA if emancipated. Is the Catholic School giving her the senior year free? But I think that NJ law does state that parents are suppose to provide into the college years for their children but she has left and not living with them. I heard that the parents and her have not seen each other since Oct. Pretty sad considering that this is a Catholic family. They have my prayers.


I think because she is 18 years old, CPS wouldn’t be involved.


If the parents have taught this girl the difference between freedom and license her entire life, day in and day out, then I would tell her she is persona non grata!!! If this was a “real” Catholic school, and the parents were actively involved with the school all these years, then this girl is a piece of work. Obviously honor thy father and mother never registered. If I were dad she would be cut off until she turned from her sin.

The utter disrespect for the mother who carried this girl in her womb and nursed this sociopath needs a wake up call. This girl by all outward appearances is in the top one percent and has been afforded everything, and this is the thank you her parents get? The lawyer who took her own should be ashamed. Satan attacking another family. Sad.







I know that families have different dynamics, but I don’t know how she could sit there seeing her parents crying like that. :frowning:


Parents are required by law to provide for their children until they reach the age of majority…which is 18 in this country. Parents are not required to coddle an ungrateful, disruptive, miserable brat one minute beyond the 18th anniversary when the child emerged from the mother’s womb.

I would certainly hope that the children and parents can have a loving, supportive relationship that can continue far beyond the 18th birthday. But that is not a legal requirement.

Sadly, there are far too many children who believe that their parents owe them a living until the parents are driven to the grave. And there are far too many parents who allow them to continue in this delusion.

Oh, and by the way, unless the college account is in the child’s name, it belongs to the parents.

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