High School Student Tackled And Held Down By Police Officers For Using Her Cell Phone (Video)


This is the third paragraph from the article:

Perez says her mother has been undergoing dialysis due to kidney problems, and when she used her phone, it was because her father needed to update her on her mother’s treatment that day.


I find it to be really sad that she was treated this way just because she wanted to check up on her mom. It seems to me that she was concerned about her mom’s health and so she wanted to receive the update from her father about her mother’s treatment.


I’m so glad I graduated when I did (7 years ago.) This kind of stuff didn’t happen, at least not in my area.

Maybe it did and we just didn’t hear about it because there were no cell phones with video cameras and no place to upload the video to make it viral, but this 'three police officers tackle innocuous bystander for x minor infraction" phenomena seems to be a recent (and alarmingly escalating) trend.



Better not jaywalk, they might just beat you to death or shoot you.


Where I live, that behavior just puts one at risk of injury from motorists.


Or there just weren’t enough people with video cameras around then.


A teenage girl screaming is not evidence of the police doing anything wrong. The video shows zero wrong-doing on the part of the officers. She was not held down for using the cell phone, she was held down for fighting with the officers, who only tried to take the phone because she did not give it up. Every action taken was a direct response to the girl breaking the rules at the school, refusing to accept the consequences of her actions and then resisting the legitimate command of the officers. Unless further evidence comes forward, I have to side with the officers on this one.


Some girls will fight to the death for their phones. The police should be congratulated they got away with their lives.
The world is going to wrack and ruin and still shrill outrage over a recalcitrant youth who won’t obey the rules. I am sure if she had asked permission to use the phone to check on her mum then it would have been given. But no, the willful child does what she wants and is surprised at the over reaction.
She ought to realise that bombs can be set off from cell phones. She is obviously a possible terrorist and should be put on some list somewhere.


This was a complete over reaction on the part of the police. However, this did not happen because she was “using her phone”. This happened because she was told to hand the phone over and she refused to do so. They should have called the girl’s father to pick her up and suspended her. (Assuming she wasn’t being violent or agressive.)


…are you kidding me? Seriously? Is this a joke or are you for real…??? Put on a list!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow. No. For using a cell phone? No. Something is very wrong with this mindset of obey the police obey obey obey


id like to remind all of you who say she broke the law and disobeyed that all Hitler did was legal, all the French Resistance did and the pro jew underground movements did was illegal. Interestingly, most of the wars and genocides today result from obedience rather that disobedience. So be careful about your obey obey obey obey attitude.


Straw man. No one is suggesting one hundred percent obedience in all situations. I think there is a big difference between obeying school rules and obeying an order to kill someone. This post is a classic example Godwin’s Law.

Only the younger generation would equate deprivation of life and liberty with deprivation of cell phone.


There are ways of dealing with kids that do not escalate the situation.

I’m a teacher, and only once or twice have I had to get physical and that was during a fracas where another student would have been seriously hurt.

I’ve had plenty of kids disobey me, or even (once or twice) insult me, but the way to “lose” in front of the kids is to lose it in front of the kids. I’ve always ended up mainting order but having the respect of the kids.

You play the long game, not the win-at-all-costs-in-the-now game.

That involves getting to know the kids and advocating for them.

Those cops didn’t prove they were in the right, they proved they could beat up a girl.

Given the girl’s situation a decent cop would have let her phone her dad from his office (the cops in our schools have their own office) and probably would have got her a drink of water too.

How would he have known this was the right thing to do? Because he would have asked questions and engaged her in conversation.

BTW I’ve taught gang and street kids kids and stopped fights between scores and even hundreds of kids, so I have experience.


I agree. That might have been what they were going to do when she ran away from the school administrators.


They didn’t beat her up. I never even saw that they caused anything except what she said was pain. In light of the screaming on the video, I question just how much pain there really was.


If they weren’t police that would have counted as an assault. An assault where someone ends up on the ground with someone’s knee on their head is equivalent in my mind to being beaten up.

As police officers they might still be guilty of assault.

Schools are supposed to be communities - communities of caring even - not institutions run on fear.


We could do away with public school education altogether, except for those that wanted to go, and all the teen girls could text, chat and twitter until the cows come home.


Except this girl was worried about the health of her mother.

1/3 of the students in my present school are immigrants, and many have parents who are still abroad - mom or dad is here trying to get things going while the other parent stays with the little kids, until they have enough money to also come.

Sometimes things happen at home and the kids here are scared and anxious, and yes, I even let them take a call from their mother or father in class, since they are often out of sync by many hours since they are in different time zones.

Funny thing is the kids’ marks don’t go down. In fact it helps the marks stay higher since they are less anxious and feel part of a community.


I was not. i was responding mainly to the person who suggested she be put on a terrorist watch list for being a potential terrorist…that seems a bit extreme, dont you say?


Oh, yes, but I thought the post you refer to be sarcastic, not literally suggesting she was a terrorist. :shrug: Perhaps I was mistaken.


Oh. Well if that s the case, my apologies. :blush:

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