High School Sweethearts


How many of us are happily married to our high school sweethearts? :heart:

What’s your story? I’d love to hear!


Tell us your story, Truly Beloved! :slight_smile:

I met my husband in 11th grade at the regional science fair. We lived 80 miles apart, but our projects were set up next to each other “by chance” and once we started talking we never shut up again :smiley: He quickly became my very best friend and has been ever since.


I agree!

Well… my DH is 10 years older than me… so we weren’t exactly high school sweethearts! LOL!..

We had a LifeTeen program at my parish growing up… and I got really involved in high school…
And DH was on the “core team” of young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who helped run the program…

We didn’t start dating until I was in college, though! :wink: :smiley:



Today anyhow.

Yesterday I wasn’t too thrilled with him, but today is a good one so far.



I wouldn’t technically call my DH my “high school sweetheart” because we each dated other people throughout highschool but…

We had 10th grade biology class together – he sat right in front of me – and I had a crush on him all through high school. We each went on to college and it wasn’t until after college that we “re-met” one night. We began dating and only then did I find out that he had a crush on ME in high school but was too shy to do anything about it! His mom even knew who I was when I first met her as “THE Crush”. :smiley:

We always marvel that it just wasn’t God’s timing for us to be together in high school.


Met my wife Freshman year. That was 25 years ago. We have 9 children. I love her more today than the first time I met her.:slight_smile:


My parents were friends throughout high school (they hung with the same crowd) and dated senior year. They were engaged 2 years later, then married 2 years after that, then they had me, my sister, then my brother.

They are an awesome couple and are still going strong 20+ years later.


**Does COLLEGE sweetheart count? :confused: :smiley:

As there is a 4.5 year difference between hubby and I, I was in elementary and then middle school while my hubby was in high school. :eek: So, college was the only way we could have met! :thumbsup: We both started college late so it worked out perfectly. We met on campus and then got married a year later. It was love at first sight! :heart:


Sorry about that. :blush: I had a hungry/tired toddler on my lap at the time I posted. Now that she’s fed and nursed, I suppose I could share (albeit through one-handed typing). :smiley:

I had this really smart, yet eclectic guy in my sophomore English and Chemistry classes (our high school started at 10th grade at the time). He seemed really nice, and one day during a Chemistry lab, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought, “Sure, I don’t exactly have boys lined up outside my house just dying to go out with me.” So, I agreed, and he invited me to lunch to meet all his friends.

I started hanging out with his friends a lot (a bunch of nerdy types like ME!), and after 5 months of being boyfriend/girlfriend, the guy came out. So, clearly, I couldn’t be his girlfriend anymore, because he didn’t like girls that way. He had never even so much as kissed me, but I was only 15, so I was perfectly okay with having a “boyfriend” who would just walk me to class and talk to me on the phone. :rotfl:

One of his best friends (he had 2 straight best buddies) ended up being my DH, exactly 7 years to the day after we met. We didn’t start dating until our senior year, when he admitted that he liked me the first day we met.

During my junior year, he felt he couldn’t ask me out because this other sleeze-ball asked me to be his girlfriend first (where were all these guys coming from???). So, he was a great friend that year, and during our senior year, he helped me deal with the aftermath of my sexual assault courtesy of Mr. Sleeze. I asked my DH to take me to Mass (I grew up in a non-religious family), and he started going regularly again because of me. We were 17 when we started dating.

I became Catholic at 20 years old, he proposed 7 months after my conversion, and we married at 22. Now at 26, we have 2 beautiful children so far. :love: Well, I can’t see Baby #2 yet, but I’m sure s/he is just as gorgeous as my DD.

Whew! So, who wants to ask Truly anymore questions, knowing she’ll just go on and on forever?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Lesson learned! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

No… what an awesome story!
Funny how God puts people in our lives at different stages… I always find it so fascinating…


Thank you, but sometimes I wish I had a more simple story to tell (like meeting at a science fair wink at Sam), without all the drama and trauma. :cool:

But hey, I’m glad someone will now think twice before asking me anything! You never know what you’re gonna get…


My DH was still in high school when we met… does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

We actually met while working at Wal-Mart. I was putting myself through school and he was a home-schooler working part time to earn some extra money. We liked each other right off, but I was dating another guy at the time. 2 years after we met, we finally started “dating” (we never decided to be boyfriend/girlfriend, just hung out together all the time). Two years after that, he proposed, and 11 months later we were married! We’ve been married for 5 months now, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! :smiley:


We met at 14, and went out a few times. We kept in touch over the years, though I finished high school 2 years before she did (she wasn’t behind; I was ahead).

Four years after I left high school, I ran into her brother in Germany (we were both Air Force), asked about her, looked her up, and married her about a year and a half later – coming up 40 years ago.




First year of uni - I was 18 - close enough, huh?

Another weird coincidence - I was from Belgrade, and he was from a small town that used to be popular with tourists 50 years ago… so my grandparents had built a holiday resort in the neighboring wilderness… and we used to go there a lot when I was a kid/teen. My future dh played in a band in the town, and I was invited to a gig one summer, but declined the invitation (I only know this in retrospect, of course).

We didn’t meet until university, in Belgrade. But now we’re living in MY grandparents’ holiday home, near HIS home town!


Met my hubby when I was in 11th grade, he was in 12th, this was 1989. We met at a local park on an unusually warm day in January. I had seen him at the hall at school before but we had such a huge highschool he didn’t even know I went to school with him. I was with a friend and he was with a friend. I actually said to my friend as we were leaving the park,“If I ever brought a guy like that home my parents would kill me.” He was very sweet but total bad boy, burn out look. Long hair, leather biker jacket, skull rings -the whole bit.

Well a few days later his very unreliable 1970 something Dodge Aspen would not start so he asked me for a ride home from school. I still have the 1st dollar he gave for gas for giving him the ride home, one of many. Six weeks after I met him I wrote in my diary I wanted to marry him. Yeah I was crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it was a rough and bumpy ride since he actually lived the "burn out"life style. I was more the “wanna be”, looked like a burn out. We had many break ups. In the summer of 90 I found out he was joining the Navy,from his mom whom I happened to work with. (We were once again broke up at the time.) I wrote him a letter saying goodbye since I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again. We met at our local park for a last goodbye and by the end of our meeting we were back together.

Less than a month later we had wedding rings put on lay-a-way. He left for the Navy in October. About a month and a half later I finally got the nerve to tell my parents we were getting married. Needless to say the were not happy. I flew down to Florida for his graduation from the Navy in December. I had to borrow money from a friend because my parents refused to pay for me to go down to see him.

He was coming home in February for our wedding. We were paying for it ourselves between his Navy pay and my little part time job. I was even rolling pennies from this big penny jar I had. My mom did slip me some money on the side for flowers. We were getting married at a wedding chapel and having the reception in my soon to be inlaws basement.

My parents came around, my dad gave me away and we had to get my mother inlaw to rent the hotel room because they wouldn’t let anyone rent a room under 21.

So fast forward…I started going back to church when I was pregnant in 1995. Hubby converted in 1997 but we actually didn’t get our marriage convalidated until 2004 (because no one at our previous parish mentioned we needed to do that.) Our convalidation was beautiful. I had a rosary woven into my bouquet, our daughter was our flower girl and we had a pic-nic reception at the local park where we met.

So this February we’ll be married 17 years.:heart: We had a lot of growing up to do, and we had struggles but my hubby is my bestfriend. Since I’ve become sick, he has been my rock.

I love having memories from highschool. I still have my corsage tucked away along with shoe boxes of dried roses and other mementos from our highschool days. And better than memories we still feel like kids sometimes. We still dance in the living room when our song comes on. We still can be silly, and playful, and we still have that fire that kept us two crazy teenagers together.

I love going to the park we met at. We see teens walking hand and hand and it makes me smile. That was us, and doesn’t seem that long ago.


Me, too! I have both my corsage and his boutonniere from prom! They’re both in the original plastic box my corsage came in, and I have a little prom display in my china cabinet (with our photo, the tickets, and keepsake booklet).

On the opposite side of our china cabinet, same shelf, is a little wedding display (I have my bouquet and his bout, from the wedding, too).


My husband and I met our freshman year of high school. We hung out with sort of the same group, even though he was in band and I was not. I started liking him our sophomore year but he had a girlfriend! He ended up breaking up with her and a few months later he asked me out. I was four months shy of 15 and my parents had a rule not dates until I was 16. He called to see if he could take me out to dinner and my dad said no!

After that he is still stuck around and 6 years later, to the day, we got married! Now, 10 months later, we are expecting our first little one and about to start the long process of medical school. It has been an adventure and I love him more and more everyday!:slight_smile:


Wow, many people got married on the anniversary of their first date/when they met! Did anyone meet, get engaged, and married on the same day/month (different years, of course!)? :slight_smile:


And they didn’t get moldy? I kept mine until it turned into a real gross mess :frowning:

Yes, we are *incredibly *blessed! :heaven: It really freaks me out sometimes comparing my nonexistant crosses to the huge crosses of others. Kind of gets me wondering when my “real” cross will “hit” me. :eek:


Well, I’m happily engaged to my high school sweetheart!

We rode the bus together, how romantic, until I was about in grade 11 (he’s a year older) when we started to drive. He was in a group of five guys, and I had crushes on all of them (like massive :o ) except him! Then he left after grade 12 to take a year off, I was in grade 12. Since all of his friends were still in school, he came to the Christmas semi-formal dance with them. He was supposed to have been set up with another girl, but the guy arranging it either didn’t do it, or whatever, so he was single, and thinking, “great, THANKS a lot!”

I hate “disappearing” or being a wallflower when slow songs come on, so after I saw him and caught up a bit I kept asking him to dance. Eventually he asked me if i needed a ride home, and silly me I blurt out “Oh, I’ve got a ride!” then i go :doh2: stupid!

Anyway at the end of the dance my ride was like, “my van is really packed with my sister’s friends, but I promised you a ride so i’ll squeeze you in” I was like, “actually, i think I can get a ride with someone else” (my now fiance lived much closer to me than my ride) and i tracked him down. Then when he dropped me off we exchanged email addresses, and a week later he FINALLY called to ask me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t believe that was already six years ago!

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