Highest form of prayer....sex?

Yep, you read the title correctly.

Someone I know went to a Pre-Cana class required by the diocese. A couple that was doing a presentation on sexuality, at one point, said that sex in a marriage was the highest form of prayer.

Funny, I thought Mass was. Wow, I guess I have a lot to learn. NOT.

More like couple may have to… though one should not disregard it as a form of prayer and worship to God… think of Tobias and Sara.

I would bet that the teaching couple was using hyperbole to drive home the fact that it is an act of worship. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

We ain’t praying alot in my household then:)


Amen to that!!!

Most regrettably, this “highest” form of prayer ain’t been going on a whole bunch at my house either. :crying: Too much of :yawn: and :sleep: and not enuf of :love: Anyway, not enuf for me. :banghead:

The marital union is a form of prayer. And a union that results in creation (conception) is a very wonderful form of prayer. No, it’s not the sacrifice of the Mass, but it is indeed prayer as intended by God when he designed it.

Uhm…I’m sorry I disagree.Highest form of prayer is loosed from

Laudate Dominum - Praise the Lord

The pope has even said that human sexuality is holy. The act of relations between husband and wife is obedience to God’s will for us to participate in creation, thus (anytime we act in obedience to God’s will) an act of holiness. Having said that, I think calling “sex in marriage is the highest form of prayer” is a bit of a stretch.

The couple was doing a presentation on sexuality, so that was the focus and a little hyperbole was expected. Jesus himself was not averse to hyperbole to make a point ("…cut out your eye and throw it away…"

That’s a very vulgarized notion of prayer.
It’s stupid to say that it is the highest from of prayer – you’re using your body in an animalistic state of pleasure,not praying to God with your mind,heart and soul.

That’s a very vulgarized notion of the marital act.

HA! :extrahappy: You typed my answer!

I agree

Well, there’s no getting around the fact that the marital act involves the same pleasurable,physical thing that is done outside of marriage. In marriage it is sanctified,but it is not the highest form of prayer.

Well not hearing what was exactly said, nor the context from which it was said, its pretty hard to judge.

Perhaps the teacher was actually saying that sex between a married couple is at its highest, when their marriage is grounded in prayer?

Back in the days when my wife and myself were involved in Marriage Encounter, many couples expressed how great their sexual relations became, after they found faith in God. With God, in their lives, they made love. Before God came into their lives, they just had sex.


I can kinda see where you’re coming from.

John Paul the Second, in his “Theology of the Body”, reaffirms the sacredness and holiness of the marital act.

He goes so far as to explain that a married couple renews their matrimonial vows each time they give themselves completely and fully to one another in the marital embrace (sexual intercourse).

While that may not classify as the highest form of prayer, per se, I understand where the couple was going with their thought.

God designed the human body to be the most complete gift between a man and a woman to be expressed within the Sacrament of Marriage, and when they do, He is pleased. That was His original purpose for designing our bodies the way that He did.

Maybe it was meant to show that sex when performed in the right context of a marriage between man and woman…should be treated as holy. And the union becomes a prayer.

This is how I perceived this notion. The marital embrace SHOULD be holy.

Whether or not it is in each marriage depends on how couples view the act.

But, if being done in the correct frame of mind, the marital act can be likened to a renewal of the marriage vows (as John Paul II said) and therefore is sacred and holy, not “using your body in an animalistic state of pleasure.” Maybe not the highest form of prayer, but a form of prayer, and, indeed, maybe the highest form of prayer that the married couple as a married couple can perform.

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