Highlights, Hello and High Five adding LGBT content


I wrote them a few months ago that we would be cancelling our subscriptions after they ran out, and explained why. They replied that they would let the staff know. Perhaps if many people did so, they might sit up and take notice. But people are afraid of not being politically correct, or they’ve bought into the lies that it doesn’t affect us.
My response to that is, Cue the thought police.


I wrote them of my concerns also and they said the same thing to me… they would let the staff know…


Here’s my thoughts, and they are not offered to tick anyone off…but, you are not going to be able to shelter your kids from the world so why not use the examples as a point of discussion to teach them your concept of morality?

Even if we ensure our kids only have access to “acceptable” media portrayals of family without discussing what they are seeing, we are failing as parents.


Children, 12 and younger, do not have the mental or emotional maturity to deal with this subject. Age-appropriate information should be given to youngsters at ages determined by the parents only - not magazines.


I understand this sentiment. But at the same time, I think it can be taken too far and used as an excuse to not speak up or to let things slide that we really shouldn’t. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to not have to explain homosexuality to a four year old because of what he sees in a magazine.

That said, I have always exercised my right as a parent to not let such things into my children’s hands. It’s worked for us so far. Of course, homeschooling helps a lot in that regard.


What does it mean where it says “Babel is the happenstance when society tries to become God”? Confusion?


Yes. True society is broken up into tribes trying to gain most favored status. For some, one tribe hates another tribe because they won’t let them have their way. One tribe believes smoking dope and watching porn are forms of entertainment. All the tribes will separate into small groups. Each one will isolate itself from the other or impose itself on the other tribes, leading to friction. True society needs to be based on shared values and shared answers, not “I feel like doing something different and anyone who says otherwise is not welcome in my tribe.”

So, everybody becomes their own god, answerable to no one, and in some cases, with little to no empathy for others, especially those outside of their tribal group. Confusion is the result, not the time-tested means for forming stable societies.


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