Hildegard von Bingen


I’ve just received a book called “Hildegard von Bingen’s Mystical Visions”.

I just wanted to check that the visions/Scivias are OK to read and won’t lead me too far astray.

I might not worry too much but the introduction is by Matthew Fox and a review on the back is from Gnosis magazine.

Many thanks.


Blessed/Saint (she never had a formal canonisation but IS in the Roman martyrology, and then again Sts Peter and Paul never had formal canonisations either!) Hildegard of Bingen is perfectly fine to read, although being mystic-to-the-max she does tend to get ‘adopted’ by new-agey types. Kinda how perfectly orthodox Buddhist or Hindu philosophers/mystics tend to get mangled by those who know nothing of Buddhism or Hinduism.

She wrote some glorious music as well - have a listen sometime!


She is highly regarded as a mystic,nun,physician and composer her feast day is coming up on Sept 17.She founded a Benedictine convent… And yes her music is very beautiful,one of my favorites


toss it, better yet, shred it
there is nothing wrong with Hildegarde of Bingen, but what you will find in that book, I very much doubt, is her own version of her spirituality, but some warped version filtered through one of the most noted dissidents in the church today. truly dangerous stuff

find a book about the “real” Hildegarde from a reliable Catholic pubisher. Word Among Us Press, Ignatius, Loyola etc.


Aaah, there’s a point. If the book is other than entirely in Hildegard’s own words, that’s a whole other kettle of fish, of course. Course you can skip the commentary if any and just read the quoted passages from her. :shrug:


Although I’m not familiar with the book in question, you sometimes even have to be careful with a writer’s “own words,” as translations can be made rather loosely to fit an editor’s agenda.


Thanks for the advice everyone.

It’s actually just the visions of Hildegard translated by Bruce Hozeski (albeit with sections removed to bring it down to about 400 pages) with a couple of introductions - one by an OSB I haven’t heard of and the other by Fox, who was still an OP at the time.

I’ll give it a go one day - in amongst the other several hundred books waiting to be read!


According to the Online Patron Saints Index, today September 17 is the memorial of Hildegard of Bingen. Even though she hasn’t been formally canonized, the old Catholic Encyclopedia says her name is in the Roman Martyrology and names her a saint.

Article on her life in the Patron Saints Index

Article in the Catholic Encyclopedia

Tonight would be a good time to listen to her music!

Hildegard of Bingen, pray for us.


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