Hill leaders: Bailout agreement reached in principle


WASHINGTON — Republican and Democratic congressional negotiators, under pressure to reach an agreement quickly on a multibillion-dollar rescue package for the financial industry, said Thursday they had reached a deal in principle that could be voted on within a few days.

Looks like this was done in a bipartisan way. Everyone had to give a little bit. Now the devil will be in the details.


You betcha! and we are being played like a fiddle!

Isn’t it interesting that this just happened right before the Congressional recess? Now they’ve done their jobs and can all go on vacation!

For months all we’ve heard about is the soundness of our banking system. We heard about the “soft spot” and with the subprime mess we heard it was a “contained” problem.

Right now Henry Paulson must be the most powerful man in history! He owns the economy, gov’t spending and our $$.

HERE IT COMES! This is socialized banking!

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