Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Pick Up Coveted Iowa Newspaper Endorsement


Fine it’s their main newspaper, but still. This probably won’t severely change the course of Iowa’s race, but it may be just enough to secure Iowa for Hillary and push Rubio a few points closer to Trump/Cruz.

Iowa Republicans do not look to the radical Left Des Moines Register to tell them how to vote. If anything, this hurts Rubio among Republicans. Do any Dems look to the Register to tell them to vote for Hillary? I doubt it.

Rubio is the best Republican candidate by a country mile - he has the look, the oratory, the backstory - yet he just hasn’t been able to bypass the Trump/Cruz clown show. Will his moment ever come?

We can only hope.

Newspaper editorials don’t have much influence anymore. I can’t remember the last time I even looked at the editorial page. Circulation for all papers is way down because you can get news instantly online and on cable news channels rather than waiting for your paper to be delivered. If you have a choice of newspapers where you live, you probably pick the one that agrees with your point of view.

Really important news and opinion are available on catholic.com for free. How is that for sucking up, Robert Bay?:cool:

I think one of Rubios issues is he thinks government is the solution. His answer for immigration is expanding the e-verify system which means more government oversight.

Trump / Cruz are both seen as anti-establishment. I think the mainstream Republican talkers coming out against them actually helps them. The Republican Party really doesn’t get just how upset a large portion of their base is with them acting like Democrats. A lot of the Trump / Cruz popularity isn’t so much for them, as against the status quo.

Providing a common defense and domestic tranquility are two of the things the federal government is supposed to do, so I agree this is a issue for a presidential debate. A lot of other things the government does are not, but those are mostly issues for the other party.

I would have to disagree. The republicans have supported government programs that have no justification just as much as the democrats. Think social security and medicare, or NCLB, or medicare part D. It is a myth that the republicans are the party of small government.

But let’s be honest, the government has been a big part of the country’s infrastructure since FDR instituted social security and all the programs back in the 30s.

Look at now with the situation in Michigan and the east coast, they are asking for federal help. Why, if people say small government. Government is needed, especially the federal government. Thinking small government in today’s world is not going to happen. I’m sorry it’s just not.

Terrorism is a big reason

The Des Moines Register oesn’t matter, Cruz and Sanders will win in Iowa, and likely to win in New Hampshire.

But, both Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary are irrelevant in the American election process. The real picture won’t begin to emerge until South Carolina.

I would suspect the further along in the primaries, Rubio will rise, but I fear the damage is already done, and the GOP has rendered itself dysfunctional and unable to elect a President.

Have to agree with you, but hope Marco does rise. Was hoping the Republicans could do better this election year, but doesn’t look like it. I am not a Trump or Cruz fan at all.

I knew you would disagree. The fact that neither party is perfect, or even close to it, does not mean they are the same.

I see the Democrats arguing about expanding Obamacare and the Republicans arguing about how to repeal it.

I see the Democrats celebrating Rowe v Wade and the Republicans promising to overturn it.

I see the Democrats willing to shut down the government unless Planned Parenthood gets continuing subsidies, and the Republicans passing bills to defund it.

I see the Democrats trying to rule by executive order and the Republicans insisting on faithful execution of laws.

I see Democrats suing Little Sisters of the Poor, while Republicans supporting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

That is a straw man. I never said that they were the same. However, they are both big government welfare state parties.

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