Hillary Clinton barks like a dog in attack on Republicans



In attacking Republicans as liars during a rally in Nevada, Hillary Clinton broke into an impromptu series of barks Monday, imitating a truth-monitor dog.

The irony of it is amazing. :slight_smile:


I cannot wait to see the campaign ads using that clip. :smiley:




Fox the five has got the right idea. See their video clip. You can skip past Hilary’s barking to see how it’s being used against her.
Hillary is not as smart as some think, eh?



That was my first thought as well. It’s like the Irsh wolfhound calling the chihuahua the largest dog…:wink:


As usual, Hillary fails to put her heart and soul into it.

This is how it is done…


But of course, these were all in response to statements by Democrats, which are always real HOWLERS.

Oh, did I fail to mention that she is barking up the wrong tree?


Stateswomen I have admired, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Corazon Aquino. Hillary doesn’t hold a candle to them.


Yeah, those e- mails are going to dog her for the rest of her campaign.

She should gracefully bow-wow out of the race for good.


She has is ruff now!


No bones about it! At leashed she has a scents of humor.


:rotfl:Belshazzar and Horton appearing here, now through November, ba-dum-bum!!


My fingers are crossed the dog catcher (FBI) will slip the net over her before the finish line


Almost as bad a Sara Palin a few weeks ago… seems like these politicians would have a better handle of their public persona.


Like many you may be confusing what Tina Fey says in a skit with what Sara actually said,
wishful thinking


Maybe she’ll be adopted by a new party? PETA maybe?


I know. It’s arf-ul…:nope: just arf-ul.

It’s not just arf-ul, it’s paw- thetic!


I am hoping this coupled with her e-mail scandal has successfully neutered her campaign.


Don’t they send old dogs to a nice farm in the country?


A new party? Would that be the Re-pug- licans or perhaps the Labra- tarians?


You must have missed it… here’s the link youtube.com/watch?v=Mvlm3LKSlpU

name calling… innuendo laden, lunacy…Clinton was bad… this one is pure bananas!!!

PS - Tina Fey and SNL was great… but that is easy when Sara tee’s up the comedy every time she opens her mouth.

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