Hillary Clinton Emails Held Info Beyond Top Secret: IG


NBC NEWS: Hillary Clinton Emails Held Info Beyond Top Secret: IG


Emails from Hillary Clinton’s home server contained information classified at levels higher than previously known, including a level meant to protect some of the most sensitive U.S. intelligence, according to a document obtained by NBC News.

In a letter to lawmakers, the intelligence community’s internal watchdog says some of Clinton’s emails contained information classified Top Secret/Special Access Program, a secrecy designation that includes some of the most closely held U.S. intelligence matters.

Two American intelligence officials tell NBC News these are not the same two emails from Clinton’s server that have long been reported as containing information deemed Top Secret.

The letter, first reported by Fox News, doesn’t make clear whether Clinton sent or received the emails in question, but in the past, emails containing classified information have tended to have been sent to Clinton, not written by her.

The new revelation underscores the extent to which the email classification issue could continue to dog Clinton, as State Department and intelligence officials review sensitive information within messages that were blacked out before being released to the public.

Clinton, who tops national primary polling as a Democratic presidential candidate, has repeatedly said that none of the information she sent or received while secretary of state was marked classified, and nothing has emerged to contradict that. But it’s become clear that classified information bled into the emails, which were sent over unencrypted channels open to interception by foreign intelligence agencies.

This reminded me of some of the worst of when the Clintons were still in the White House … but about to leave.

From the compromising (to China) of top secrets from Los Alamos N.M.'s Nuclear Facilities, to helping an official Chinese group try to purchase the shuttered Long Beach, CA Naval Base, to the more mundane peccadilloes of “renting out” the Lincoln Bedroom to top DNC donors … and then having to return White House furniture they tried to take with them when they left.

And none of it mattered per Bill Clinton’s “approval ratings” (and similarly Hillary tops the Democratic polls now). :shrug:

Although - THIS is reported by NBC News.




Yep, nothing marked top secret, she left it off!

With the Clinton’s everything has a price, and nothing has value.

I don’t really care if the next president is a dem or rep if they get the votes, please, just not a Clinton!


I wish Clinton were a republican, if she were she’d have been indicted by now.


HAHA, TRUTH.:banghead:




I just hope Americans will wake up and see what the EVIL Clintons were/are about. Truly a disgrace, but yet these people are praised. Go figure…:o


We live in a country where less than 2% serve in the armed forces. Those of us who have are well aware of the meaning of the term, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. The Clintons have never so served, and probably do not fully appreciate the implications of that term. In spite of the gross neglect of the current administration in such regard, we are a nation of laws, not personality. If Hillary is not held to task for her negligence of due concern for classified information, we shall suffer to an unpredictable degree by diminished moral authority to prosecute future cases. She may be subject to prosecution and imprisonment for her neglect of a serious duty while Secretary of State. I imagine that probably fraught with security problems in itself. Think, adjoining cells for Secret Service agents, or trading state secrets for cigarettes. Heh Heh! I don’t want her to suffer. Schadenfreude, get thee behind me. Nonetheless, I do not want to see her back in the White House.



Another witch hunt, no pun intended. :smiley:



I wonder what has to happen for her to be held accountable for anything? Ok…she’s stuck with slick willy and maybe that’s punishment enough but seriously, when does she have to take responsibility? I’m dumfounded people still think she should be president. It’s not even a question of R or D anymore, it’s more how much potential is there for prison time.


We’ll just have to see what the FBI turns up and is willing to present to the AG. The individual in charge is known for being unbiased and not subject to political influence. If there’s evidence that in addition at an appalling disregard for the handling of classified information, there’s evidence of influence pedaling for the enrichment of the Clinton Foundation I don’t see how the AG could refuse to press charges.

But then, the IRS was used to intimidate political opponents of the administration and hamper conservative effort during the last election cycle and no one has been charged or even disciplined, and the AG ran a gun-running operation to Mexico and no one’s been criminally charged (hey, even El Chapo had a .50 cal rifle courtesy of the F&F ATF project), anything’s possible.

What concerns me most is that undoubtedly the intelligence services of many foreign nations both allied and unfriendly have everything that passed through that system. Given that she insisted on using an independent system which provided a means to avoid FOIA requests, I can’t help but wonder how vulnerable she would be to blackmail.


Exactly :thumbsup:


Not Hillarys first time with giving out top secret info…back in the 1990s, Lawrence Rockefeller kept bugging her about classified info…eventually, there were pics and videos of Hillary and Lawrence, her staff, walking around Rockefellers estate!!!

Who knows how much she gave him!? Plus, Lawrence R. never had to answer for that incident…isnt it illegal to seek out top secret info in the first place?


Whatd’ya mean another?



A report by the Inspector General is hardly a witch hunt, it’s their job to investigate the facts.


A Inspector General, they are numerous; but last week, perhaps some people asserted Clinton was not even being investigated. I guess one can make a semantics case for such, and say the system is what is being investigated.


True. But the Clinton side cannot CALL it a witch hunt (in this case). For reasons I probably need not get into. :whistle:


I think they take their talking points from Media Matters, who recently ran multiple stories arguing the FBI wasn’t investigating her.


If any one of us did the same, we’d be in federal prison a long time now - no ifs, ands or buts.


:popcorn: Gonna have to make lots more popcorn to see this one through! This is the real deal - we are talking serious serious trouble here. Folks will not take these findings very easily. For Hilary Clinton to be criminally charged with such heavy exposure of her acts, the Democrats will run out all their tricks to save face. Of course she has avoided previous trials but its the same old story. Criminals think they can keep on doing their thing and are above the law. Where have we heard that one before. Like DetSgt. Joe Friday used to say, “just the facts Mamm, just the facts”.

Let us not forget about the serious cost to our country her choices have made. The rest is yet to be revealed, but we know about the cost of life and what difference it makes!

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