Hillary Clinton muses over Bernie Sanders' supporters in leaked audio recording


Hillary Clinton was apparently looking for ways to appeal to supporters of Bernie Sanders during a contentious Democratic primary campaign, according to leaked audio revealed this week.

A report from Politico on Friday noted that the recording, taken from a private fundraiser held in February, showed Clinton laying out her assessment of Sanders voters.

In the throes of the Democratic primary campaign, citizens rooting for Sanders saw the Vermont senator as the arbiter of a political revolution. Clinton described some of them as “children of the Great Recession” who are frustrated by a sluggish economy.

“They are living in their parents’ basement,” Clinton said. “They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don’t see much of a future.”



That is as unflattering as calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.


In a way, it does depict Bernie Sanders’ supporters as a bunch of losers.


Yep. Like they have no ambition.


Will these young people eventually grow up to stop blaming capitalism and see that the academics got rich by misleading them into debt without usable skills?


My thoughts exactly!


Which academics are these that got rich?


The academics on high salaries paid for by student loans who are teaching courses that keep young adults in their parent’s basement.


Oh my…that would be as bad as another nominee calling that reporter S*** for brains, and the C-word; an American federal judge partial because he’s “Mexican”, fat bullying a woman by calling her “Miss Piggy”, making exaggerated gestures to belittle a handicapped man, calling an American hero as somebody who “just got captured”, calling a fellow candidate’s wife ugly and accusing his father of being involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, belittling Gold Star parents…oh no, maybe its not!:smiley:


Now who on earth could have done all the things you suggest? That would really be beyond the pale.


Can we just be done with the “leaks” of candidates’ information?


Each side somehow finds it appealing to publicly insult the other sides’ candidate with a seeming ignorance that the candidates are merely a reflection of the constituents. As such, as they insult the opposition, they are really in fact, insulting themselves by acknowledging a candidate which they promote is at an equal level with such a disastrous opponent.

America will be bad with one candidate and might not survive with the policies of the other, and all most of the sheep can do is express glee in insulting the opponent.

How the foulness of Rome before the fall has made its way to our present time…


Hillary is an elitist, she thinks she is better than all of us peons. The spectacle of her and the other weathy Democats claiming that they are looking out for the interests of the common citizenry is nauseating.


It’s strange.

Clinton and Obama both come from lower middle or properly middle class backgrounds, whilst Trump has always known and enjoyed a privileged, upper-class lifestyle.

Yet just because he adopts a phony persona of anti-intellectual vulgarism, he suddenly becomes a “man of the people” in the eyes of his supporters, when his biography mitigates against this myth in stark contrast.

The world has gone topsy-turvy.

So its better to be born upper-class and utterly divorced from the lives of ordinary folk but speak like an uneducated delinquent than it is to be lower/middle class but work your way up the social ladder through a stellar education and hard work and talk politely? Why? :shrug:

The Trump campaign seems to me to be a campaign against education, civility and intellect - not elitism.


Hillary and Obama perhaps had a middle class background until they entered politics - then they used their status as politicians to come very wealthy - writing books, giving speeches, starting a foundation. They became celebrities. I am not sure if they both got scholarships for their education.
Trump is no stranger to hard work. He could just as easily have turned into a drug addict or alcoholic who squandered his inheritance, but he used the opportunities given him to work hard and create a name for himself.


:thumbsup: I agree.


I’m not so sure. Yes, Trump says all kinds of bad things about all kinds of people, but generally they’re targeted towards individuals (uh… for the most part). Hillary seems to have a penchant for making negative, sweeping judgement about everyone who doesn’t support her.


I heard yesterdayTrump was going to go on the attack with something about millennials. For his sake I hope this isn’t it because this is nothing.

HC never said millennials lack ambition or are losers. She didn’t say they are not trying or are lazy or want to be in the parent’s basements. I read it as exactly the opposite.

Many did come of age so to speak during the Great Recession under George W Bush. And they are frustrated that wages are not high enough. Wages though have been stagnant for a long time in this country. Long before Obama began to lead us out of the worst economy since the Great Depression. Many companies have made record profits during the Obama yrs but simply refuse to share their good fortune with their employees in terms of a higher paycheck. And many are indeed frustrated with this trend in America that has been going on for decades. And you don’t have to be a millennial to be so.


I agree with 7 Sorrows. Americans tend to not trust politicians—supposed public servants—who became wealthy from their political fame.

Also, I think there’s a pretty widely held perception that Hillary has be said to be foul-mouthed when she’s out of the public eye. To some, Trump seems more transparent, even if he’s obviously rude.

As for me, I trust neither of them.


I too don’t trust either of them. At best, if one trusts, one must also verify, as Pres. Reagan said about the Soviet Union, acting upon Suzanne Massie’s advice.

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