Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush: Which do millionaires prefer for 2016?


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the top choice for president in 2016 among an online panel of 500 millionaires surveyed by CNBC in November.

Thirty-one percent of the millionaires polled said they would elect Clinton, who would be the instant frontrunner for the Democratic nomination if she decides to run. That includes 72 percent of the Democratic millionaires surveyed, 23 percent of independent millionaires, and even 5 percent of Republican millionaires.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, was the second choice overall, winning the support of 18 percent of the millionaires surveyed. Among Republican millionaires in the poll, Bush was the clear favorite, with 36 percent throwing their support behind the former governor. Bush has said he’s weighing a 2016 bid and will decide whether or not to run after the beginning of the new year.



If forced to choose between those two, there’s no question I’ll vote for Jeb Bush, but are there really no other viable candidates out there? Do we really have to keep going back to the same families? I’m not such a big fan of “political dynasties”, and I don’t think it’s in the best interest of this country to have what IMO essentially amounts to a ruling class.


I would never vote for Clinton, even if my only alternative was Jeb Bush. I would hold my nose and vote for Bush.

But if I wasn’t Catholic and therefore unable to vote for Clinton no matter what, and if financial advantage was my only consideration, it would depend on what kind of millionaire I was.

If I was the CEO of some nearly-monopolistic company, I think my choice would be Clinton. I would know I would have to “buy” her favor, but I would be willing to do it. I couldn’t be sure I could “buy” Bush, so he would not be my choice.

But if I was an “ordinary millionaire”; somebody with a farm of, say 700 acres and 200 head of mother cows, I think I would support Bush. Clinton is a totalitarian at heart and is going to make somebody pay for the favors she will do for the rich and famous. I would suspect I would be on the paying end. Bush might be a “soft liberal”, but I would not expect him to, say, prohibit me from watering my livestock in order to buy the donations of the radical environmentalists like Clinton might.


Hillary says she was dead broke , therefore can relate to common person more easily


I haven’t done any research on the matter, but I had been under the impression that Jeb Bush was by far the best of the Bushes. Any successful Republican will be a minion of the capitalist elite (or a part of that elite) but aside from all that what is wrong with Jeb?


Any Democrat will be a minion for the capitalist elite. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Personally, I think Bush would go down the “elite” food chain just a bit below what Hillary would.


Out of those two?



Why does everyone feel the need to elect another Clinton or Bush? Both are horrible candidates. Neoconservatism and socialism. No thanks

Rand Paul 2016.


I agree with you here, Denise. Surely there must be some other talent out there whose last name is not Clinton, Bush, Kennedy, Roosevelt, or Rockefeller. Given that, Jeb Bush is one of the only Republicans I might vote for (I have never voted Republican in my life); however, if he runs against Hillary Clinton, I would most likely vote for her. Personally, I would like to see Elizabeth Warren on the Democratic ticket, perhaps together with Hillary, but I doubt the country is ready for TWO women on the same ticket.


I think I’ll vote third party, if Ralph Nader runs again for the umpteenth time he’s got my vote.


I think Rand Paul is a viable contender. Anyone but Ted Cruz, please, on the Republican side.


Is it any wonder so few people waste their time voting?


I would never do that, because it aids the abortion party. I’m no fan of Jeb Bush, but I would support him heartily against the abortion party.


Those who don’t are misled.

Opposing those who promote the intrinsic evil of abortion is never a waste of one’s time.


And so many people vote multiple times.:mad:




=Aelred Minor;12566141]I haven’t done any research on the matter,


If so, should the following really be posted:

but I had been under the impression that Jeb Bush was by far the best of the Bushes. Any successful Republican will be a minion of the capitalist elite (or a part of that elite) but aside from all that what is wrong with Jeb?



Do you think that’s true? I mean, I don’t know.:shrug: How would they manage to do it, I wonder?


I figure all those dead people voted didn’t already rise from the dead. Then too there are people who move and are not removed from old precincts or have multiple addresses.:shrug:


They say that there are no stupid questions, but if “Jeb” or “Hillary” is the answer, clearly that isn’t true. :rolleyes:

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