Hillary Clinton ranks last on U.S. 'most admired' list, behind Rush Limbaugh, Bush

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who leads all 2016 presidential polls, ranks dead last on a new top 10 poll of who Americans admire most, and at the bottom of who the world admires most, behind celebs like Angelina Jolie and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the new YouGov.com poll conducted for the Times of London, Microsoft’s Bill Gates is the most admired person in the world, ahead of Pope Francis and President Obama, the runner-up on that list. Clinton ranks 27th on YouGov’s world list.

On the U.S. list, she does even worse, coming in 10th of 10 listed and most named. Among Americans, Pope Francis is the most admired, followed by the president, evangelist Billy Graham and former President George W. Bush. Even Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s most popular conservative talk radio host, beat Clinton. He came in ninth.


Irrelevant; she will still be POTUS in 2016. :frowning:

This article is grasping at straws. They are trying to turn it into some sort of failure that she is only the tenth most admired person in the country and only the 27th worldwide. :rolleyes: It’s funny actually, because I would be shocked if Putin didn’t come before her, simply because of how the world’s population is spread out.


Hey, why isn’t there a thumbs down smilie?

Rush Limbaugh? Really? WOW.

I view her as a has-been.

It’s sad there appears to be no challenge to her from others in her party; I find this inexplicable, given the sad history there.

So they went to the 13 countries that contain half the world’s population and asked people to name, not pick from a list, who they admire most. The fact that a former first lady/senator/sec of state/presidential candidate who has never held the highest office came in 27th is astounding.

And being “dead last” on a list of top 10 most admired people is still an amazing feat. Only 9 people beat her, and there are 7 billion people in the world to choose from. Not bad at all.

Somehow this sort or reporting is reminiscent of the Pravda report on the USA-USSR bilateral track meet in the '70s: The Soviets through a superhuman effort managed to finish second while the USA could only muster next to last. :smiley:

She WILL be the candidate,they owe her BIG TIME! Doesn’t matter that she is a has been with a trail of controversies following her.She is a woman,another “first” for the Dems,that is all that matters…symbolism over substance,BTW a phrase coined by Rush,who apparently bodes better in the public eye than HC;)

I really don’t understand why anyone cares about polls like this.



That’s what she thought in 2008.

Probably the saddest part for me is that I didn’t recognize half the names on the international list :blush:

I do not see how any relevance could be attached to being on the bottom of a “most” poll. I do not doubt that I am less admired than she is, for example, along with over two hundred million more Americans, which would still put her in the top 1%.

unfortunately, I heard of a poll done here in America and Obama was named most admired among men in this country and Hillary most admired among women. I think it all depends on who is doing the polling and the outcome they desire depends on who they call.

I would tend to agree. This is opinion, and I am having a very hard time figuring out for what charitable reason it is being presented here.

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