Hillary Clinton’s Camp Set Up ‘Veterans Against Trump’ Protest


It seemed like an outpouring of veteran anger against Donald Trump: over a dozen former service members protesting outside Trump Tower.

But the reality was more complicated. The protest was actually a coordinated effort, led in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to embarrass her Republican rival for his failed efforts to raise money for veterans. It only looked like a grassroots demonstration.

A spokesman for the demonstrators insisted they had no affiliation with any campaign. Later he said the protesters had reached out to the Clinton campaign for press contacts, but that’s all. Then the activist finally admitted that, yes, the Clinton campaign had helped organize the protest.



Doesn’t surprise me. I know she’ll fight dirty.


Kinda like Trump during the primaries?


I’m sure people not delivering on their pledges is a common problem when fundraising.

I’m more concerned about what is done with the money actually received. Did Trump pay fat salaries to his friends and family, like the Clinton Foundation?


Doesn’t surprise me. I know she’ll fight dirty.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I love this place!


With the Democrat and Democrat-appointed head of the VA comparing unconscionable waits for medical care with waiting in line at Disneyland, I’m sure veterans will just come flocking to her campaign.


Over a dozen? Wow, where did they fit them all?


It does technically leave open the infinite number of integers above 12. If they reported on this the way they report on the March for Life there could very well have been upwards of 10,000 veterans :stuck_out_tongue:


Catholics can’t vote Republican, can they?::stuck_out_tongue:


that statement made by the head of the VA was absurd. he should be removed from his position.


Fifteen to twenty vaguely, disappointed protestors does not equal an “outpouring of anger”. It looks they spent more energy in organizing the photo op in front of the elevator. :shrug:


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