Hillary Clinton’s closed-door speeches released to WikiLeaks


WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – Excerpts from closed-door speeches that Hillary Clinton gave to Wall Street executives two years ago have been leaked.

The excerpts include Clinton suggesting that Wall Street insiders are best equipped to help reform the financial sector. She also conceded that presidential candidates for either party must have tens of millions in contributions from New York to mount a competitive national campaign.

The WikiLeaks organization posted Friday what it said were thousands of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. It was unclear whether Podesta’s personal email accounts had been hacked or whether the emails had been included in successful hacking attacks, blamed on Russia, against prominent Democratic organizations.



More excerpts and full emails here:



Wow, I heard on The Kelly File from Megyn Kelly in regards to the Wikileaks release, some people were referenced to as “bucket of losers”. If that is authentic email, that is awful.


Bucket of losers,basket of deplorable ,irredeemable’s ,basement dwellers…


You won’t find the liberals on this thread. They are all over on the Trump hot mic thread. :rolleyes:


No. The hot mic thread where we actually heard Donald Trump speak rather than WikiLeaks was closed.


From what I’ve heard of the speeches, they do not begin to compare to Trump. Unless you think supporting free trade is comparable to bragging about being able to assault women because you are a celebrity.


Not even close.


I see it was closed. I have been gone for a few hours.


I just got here. So I won’t waste my time on this one.


:yawn: I got to the parts about WikiLeaks and a Russian hack and questions about whether some of the documents could have been altered and what was real and what was fake.


I’m not sure where Megyn Kelly got that from because Wikileaks say it, “does not come from us” - twitter.com/wikileaks/status/784604124738416640


I’m not seeing the parts in her speeches where she objectifies men and make crude references to their genitalia…hmmm…she didn’t do that? If she had, would that have been forgiven if she said it when she was 59?

Politics is so confusing!:shrug:


Donald Trump’s comments and Hillary Clinton’s alleged comments are about completely different things and have nothing to do with each other. What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s alleged comments as is being reported?


When will folks finally get it through their heads how much contempt she has for the American people? Unless of course they are Goldman Sachs bankers.


I’m trying to remain as objective as possible in this election. I’ve been criticized for not being too harsh on Hillary when I say I won’t vote for her. Here’s the thing, there are many things about Hillary that are problematic. The US already had the among the most liberal abortion laws compared to other countries.

But here’s the deal, there are numerous “deplorable” trump supporters. Not half, but enough to harass journalists and their families who dare to write critical articles re Trump. Terrible anti Semitic images, the new phenomenon of using ((())) around names of Jewish journalists on Twitter in order to target them without being detectable by Twitter moderator software.

A journalist who is epileptic received a message with an imbedded video that if he watched it would cause a seizure. It had strobe lights and flashing lights. You can look up his article in Newsweek. His name is Kurt Eichenwald.

Trump doesn’t disavow himself from this lot. He has even retweeted some.

This election is terrible.


The comments are on different topics, but their simultaneous reveal are most definitely related. It’s a sad time for American politics indeed.


Those closed door speeches are important.

Hillary has ALWAYS worked for the government. Yet she has accumulated a personal wealth of around $300 MILLION DOLLARS.

[ONCE, she worked for a law firm and she made $100,000 by gambling in cattle futures. But she never was able to repeat her performance.] [And then there was the real estate deal … White Water … but that’s the LAST thing she wants anyone to look at.]

How can ANY ONE who works for the government their whole life accumulate $300 MILLION DOLLARS???


This information is just more substantive reasons to vote against her. She is an out and out liar, a complete fraud when it comes to honesty. She says one thing in public and another in private.


It’s easy. Sen Harry Reid did the same thing as he has become a multi-millionaire on a government salary - it’s called corruption

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