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The Justice Department has reportedly granted immunity to a former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

A senior U.S. law enforcement official told The Washington Post on Wednesday that the FBI secured the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano, who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the private server at her New York home in 2009.


From what I remember, he previously had plead the 5th…

So we will see what transpires.

Turning this guy into a cooperating witness should help expedite some aspects.

If he has agreed to accept immunity he can’t run back to the 5th. And if he has conditions that immunity would be beneficial - :hmmm: take it and get as far away as possible. He never had a security clearance either. I bet he won’t be hired by Hilary again. :rolleyes:

Imagine this - being in la-la-land. Ever so sure of the people who are letting you do for them and be important. Liking the role you have for such a long time. Selfies showing Mr. Big Shot! Started out as a staff member and became the go to IT guy!

Now he can answer every little seemingly innocuous question the FBI puts to him. And, he MUST tell the truth! Mr. Big Shot, who was present with Mrs. Clinton when you first consulted with her about providing a server? What time of day was that? What day of the week was that? How did you arrive to meet with her?

I think there must be several people figuring out that they might be next. “Watcha gonna do when they come for you!” :doh2:

I want to ask everyone the following. The fbi director, stated earlier this week that he was on top of this investigation. Bill o’reilly on his show yesterday said that with the fbi director keeping a close eye on things, she would more than likely get charged.

If you agree with what Bill is saying, and after all is set and done, and the fbi says, Hillary didn’t do anything wrong, will you then blame Obama and liberals or will you stick to your original answer, saying "the fbi director is on top of this and he’ll make sure the best thing happens "?

Non sequitur, as she is guilty just in the light of what has been publicly released.
Put another way, I reject the premise of your question. :slight_smile:

So your finding her guilty already?

So when Tom delay got indicted in Texas, did you call him guilty? Or did you say, ah those damn liberals bc he’s a republican?

Since Billo has no insider information, I will wait to hear what the director of the FBI says after all is said and done. He is a republican with a decent reputation. If he says there is no there there than that should be the end of it.

I respect your opinion. To me that’s being honorable and humble.

I hope you keep that opinion if that were to happen.

The FBI does not charge anyone with anything, They collect evidence, and bring it to the Justice Department, who in turn will decided whether or not to indict.

It would appear that there has not been a whole lotta love lost between the President and the current leading Democratic candidate for the same office. One scenario is that she is indicted - somewhat a payback to someone who is not, according to some counts, the most likable and trusted individual.

That, I suspect, however, would be to concede the election, not something true believers tend to accommodate with much fervor.

The other is that it gets “obfuscated” in the bureaucracy of the Justice Department. Long enough, that she gets elected, or there is some cobbled together apologia for what she did and/or didn’t do, amounting to a whitewash, or a non-pardon pardon.

Rumblings are that a significant part of the FBI would go into nuclear meltdown should Justice refuse to indict. Not necessarily an unlikely scenario, given that if Justice refuses, and she is elected, she is their boss. Oh, and she has a bit of a reputation for payback - I am sure that is just a figment of Republicans imagination… but I would suspect that there would be mass vacancies for anyone who was involved in any investigation, should she become the boss.

Assuming nothing more than the information that was either Top Secret or TS compartmentalized, and assuming it is true, it has put lesser mortals out of work at a minimum, and some of them at various Federal Vacation Sites.

When one sees this, one can be sure SOMEONE is going to jail. It might or might not be Hillary Clinton, but it most assuredly will be someone.

They don’t hand out immunity deals for “security reviews”.

Multiple felonies have occurred. It will be interesting and surprising if the Obama Justice Dept actually does indict Clinton.

The newest leak from the investigation is that they are looking at time stamps for emails and tracking down how classified information jumped from the secure systems at State to Hillary’s unsecured server. The logins and email times don’t line up to when Secy Clinton would have been able to access the system, so they believe on top of everything we’ve heard so far, she gave out her password to some staff so they could take the classified info and send it to her. This is a BIG no-no.

Exactly. DOJ doesn’t grant immunity for nothing.

I would expect the FBI Director to focus on the investigation regardless of it’s merits. Because of the political implications, the integrity of the work must be beyond reproach.

Your question is faulty. Based only on what has been publicly released, ‘Team Hillary’ is guilty of transgressions that far exceed what Deutch and Petraus were charged and convicted for.

Sounds like the FBI has high suspicions of her. Anyone who pushes the anti-Catholic principle of abortion like Obama and Clinton, are not people we can vote for in good conscience. By their fruits, ye shall know them.

Here is a related article.

I find it amazing a Presidential Candidate is enabled to go three months without a press conference. Of what use is a Free Press in rigged races such as the DNC primary?

The FBI’s Hillary probe closes in on a political crisis
The FBI probe of Hillary Clinton took a major step forward this week with news that the guy who ran her illicit home-brew email has been granted immunity.

Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano had invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in refusing to testify or cooperate with investigators.

A tech with the 2008 Clinton campaign, he got hired for related duties when she took over at State — then won the **nearly $140,000-a-year side job of setting up and maintaining her private email system.
Former top-notch federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy says the grant of immunity strongly suggests that either a grand jury has already been empaneled to consider charges in this case — or that the feds expect to empanel one soon.

So much for Clinton’s claim that this is a perfunctory investigation in which she has nothing to fear criminally.

Sorry, Madam Secretary, the FBI doesn’t “perfunctorily” grant immunity. And the probe is apparently in the hands of career national-security prosecutors, including one from the team that won a guilty plea from former CIA chief Gen. David Petraeus.

You begin to see why she’s refused to hold a press conference for three months now.
. . .

keys up Happy Trails to You

I am not getting my hopes up. little tidbits get released teasing us that Hillary might really be in trouble but in the end nothing happens. I have been through enough let downs - the IRS, Benghazi, and now this. Not holding my breath.

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