Hillary Clinton to Address AIPAC Policy Conference



**Hillary Clinton is expected to address AIPAC’s Policy Conference in Washington, D.C…, later this month, AIPAC announced on Wednesday.

“AIPAC is pleased to announce that former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is confirmed to join us live at AIPAC’s 2016 Policy Conference,” the largest pro-Israel lobby in the United States said in an email. “It is our honor to host presidential candidates this year, just as we have in previous election cycles.”**

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I wonder what she’ll talk about?

How she’ll begin bombing Iran her first ten seconds in office?


At first I read this as that she was attending the Ipecac conference, and I thought “makes sense.”


Lucky them!

For how much?

Per minute? Per word?

:cool: - mostly when she speaks, she raises funds, for … whatever it is that the Clinton Foundation “does”.


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