Hillary returns to Iowa and will decide whether to run in 2016


Presumably hungry for firmer footing this go around, Hillary Clinton on Sunday returns to Iowa for her first public appearance since the Hawkeye State dished out what she’s described as an “excruciating” third-place finish in the first-in-the-nation presidential voting state’s 2008 caucuses…

Former President Bill Clinton, who will accompany her to rural Indianola and is also slated to make remarks, has notched three prior steak fry appearances.


She’ll decide if she will run in early 2016. Remember months back when on PBS she said she definitely would not run for for the presidency. How things can change!

I just wonder if she will get a face lift??. She’s been doing something because her face looks better recently, less bags and wrinkles.

This is image I remember… April 2013

Article said she did not have blood clotts but a facelift?



Hillary’s numbers have been slipping over the months and she would have a real fight on her hands against most potential GOP challengers in swing states.


One can only hope!


:eek: YIKES! Praying she does NOT…


I understand, but I think folks need to get used to the fact that she in all likelihood will run, and it’s just that no one announces this early.

I don’t want this to be another huge surprise for everyone. :rolleyes:


Is your hatred so deep rooted and trite that all you can go with is physical appearance? Oh we’ll, that’s how most Americans vote anyway!


This is not about hatred. So many Hollywood stars get facelifts. If you listened to Joan River’ s, show, Fashion Police, you will learn that most young starlets also go for surgery. She always ask and it is just seen as part of the business.

Barabara Walters had a facelift and plastic surgery really took off.

Nancy Pelosi is 74 and she looks great.

I just noticed that Hillary is looking better lately and if she is going to run, she, too, has to look her best. This is just the way Americans think.


Oh we’ll, that’s how most Americans vote anyway!

Well, anyone who wants to point that out can thank certain individuals on the left. :yup:

Remember: “if you don’t vote for Obama, you’re a racist!”?

It cuts both ways.


Does anyone want Bill in the White House with out anything to do? I don’t! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


The Clintons’ anti-life and anti-marriage stances should enough to give any Catholic pause before supporting either of them. :yup:


LOL!!!~ No, I don’t. :slight_smile:


I suspect he’d do the same things he used to do only have more time to do them


Which GOP challengers? Marco Rubio, perhaps? Maybe he can garner some of the Hispanic voters although he seems too young and inexperienced. A reverse face lift might do the trick. Or Rand Paul since the country may be in a more isolationist mood by that time. Ted Cruz? No comment here. Are there other Republican candidates who have that indefinable “gravitas”? Jeb Bush is the only one I can think of provided he changes his last name.


Well, someone’s got to mentor those interns!


I would hope that this time, people educate themselves on the candidates positions and just don’t vote to get the first female president (like many did to get the first president of color).


Perry, Romney or just about anybody else the GOP nominates. From Republican standpoint the only thing better than a Hillaryv nomination would be Elizabeth Warren nomination


Surely not Romney! Do you really think the majority of the country, including Independents and moderate Republicans, would be so turned off to Hillary or that the GOP candidate and his/her team would be skillful enough to wrap Benghazi around her neck? I’m not so sure.


Hillary has more baggage than just Benghazi. The truth that she has no record-No accomplishments as Sen. and no accomplishments as Secretary of State. Her only claim to fame is shes married Bill Clinton.


The numbers speak for themselves.

Rand Paul didn’t vote for the Iraq War.

Does anyone really think Hillary or any other elite, old rich white person from Illinois or the northeast will win 3/4 of Hispanic votes if Sen. Rubio, Gov. Martinez, Sen. Cruz or even Gov. Bush go around FL & the Southwest campaigning in Spanish?


IOW you’re saying that while Obama is an empty suit, Hillary is an empty pants suit?

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