Hillary's new book: 2,900 copies sold

Hillary’s new book: 2,900 copies sold


No editorial comment here.

Just a factual statement.

Minimal copies sold.

I saw this story the other day. maybe she will have to win the presidency in order for it to sell. :smiley:

What? With all that promotion in her “press conferences”? I guess nobody cares about what she has to say.

Huma probably bought 2,890 of them! :smiley:

Pretty much!I think the nation as a whole is suffering from Clinton fatigue.She really just need to go away!

From the article in the OP:-

In May, the Trump campaign reportedly spent $55,055 in donations to buy several thousand copies of Mr Trump’s book, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission.

They were handed out to Republican delegates. So?


I would expect it to be low in the UK so I went to US Amazon
1.5 stars with over 1,200 reviews
#791 in books

Looking at the reviews, there are a few 5 star with viratually all the rest being 1 star reviews. She can’t even get the faithful to pump her book reviews, big trouble.

The most popular 5 star review was a well written parody:
First off, I would like to thank Hillary for printing this all in blue ink because the color blue helps prevent my seizures. It was a little bit of a long read, being 32,000 pages of yoga routines, but I powered through it. Its amazing to think that she wrote the entire book on a Blackberry! I didn’t know it was a pop-up book until I got to the chapter about her husband, Bill and his oval office experiences. The only issues I had with the book were all of the annoying “C” markings in the margins. At under $10 it’s a bargain, considering that Saudi Princes pay millions of dollars for such insight. Plus, included with the book is a $10 off coupon for a Diazepam Autoinjector, so you get your money back right there.

From your mouth to GOD’S ears

These stats don’t seem right, considering it’s a #1 Best Seller in the 21st Century History category on Amazon and currently ranked 791 in selling rank overall on that site.

Oh, I just realized…Neilson Book scan does not include kindle sales. This book is ranked 1# in KIndle sales. That may be why it 's so low at Neilson.
Four thousand copies is nothing to sneeze at, tho…but it’s probably much more when you add the Kindle sales.
It’s not really fair to compare it to her last book or her husband’s. That was a memoir. This one lays out policy. Most people don’t want to buy a book like that!


Ah I wondered if this was an example of truth for a “given value of truth”. It’s also absolutely true most people have little interest in buying or reading books or literature on policy, which is humorous in a blackly comical sort of way.

Skip the book, read the customer reviews:

I bought this thinking it would be a how-to book. I wanted “How to set up your own Foundation for fun and profit.” Also, would like to have seen a chapter on “Ten easy steps to setting up your own secure server in a bathroom.”

I do hear there’s going to be a sequel, tentatively called “The Art of the Shakedown.” Should be interesting.

This could be the first “book” in history to have more reviews on amazon the actual sales bwwwwaaaahAAHA lol

and many more.

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Has the Catholic Faith been hijacked by the Political Right ?

Then she could have the government buy them to give out to world leaders as gifts. Obama did that with his book. I would love to see reviews from the members of the diplomatic community if anyone actually read the book.

Maybe HRC could donate copies to public libraries so I could look at it without contributing any of my money to her. I doubt there will be much of a waiting list for it.

Not really; we just know a bad book when we see it! :sleep:

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